Sunday, 10 June 2007

Long Live the Queen!

Well Thank goodness for a Long Weekend!
This weekend is very popular for weddings-so I had many weddings this weekend- all today(Sunday) bar one!
Everyone seems to be taking full advantage of the national long weekend. It has been a beautiful day here in Brisbane- so hopefully everyone enjoyed their glorious wedding day!
It has been hard to pick a favourite from this weeks designs- one that really jumps put is a reverse "Dotty Kate" design- which had dark chocolate chards with white chocolate polka dots. It was fun and a true chocolate lovers masterpiece rolled into one. If you are prone to falling into a chocolate coma- well this cake is for you. Each tier features either a rich Jaffa mud cake- or a divine white chocolate and raspberry mud cake- then the entire cake is smothered in a velvety dark chocolate ganache- topped off with the dotty chocolate chards, and white chocolate shavings!!!!
The Chards with the dots were originally made in white chocolate with dark chocolate dots for my sister Kate's birthday- a couple of years back! So I was only too happy to reverse the design for a wedding cake!

Reverse "Dotty Kate"

Then there was a contemporary style design that had the couples monogram embellished on the front wall of the top tier in tiny(2mm) silver cachous. Whilst getting each individual silver ball into the cake in the correct pattern was no easy feat- the result was rather impressive.
With a copy of the couples "CJ" monogram beside me on the laptop- I sat very patiently applying each little ball to the cake with royal icing. I am sure I ended up vacuuming up more balls than what ended up on the cake!!!

"Edible Bling"

Although I have made the last cake design a couple of time now- this is the first time I have made it with a touch of pink.
I love the digital camera era- it means I can take a dozen or two pictures of a cake- and end up with at least one great one! I feel that I am getting better as a photographer- so I thought I would throw in ths last pic- as my favourite photo of the week!
This cake had a marble mud cake base- and white raspberry mud cake top tier- all smothered in a creamy ganache before being finished with a white rolled fondant. Tiny piped icing dots in white and pinks drop down in peaks from the top of each tier.

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