Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Weddings Parties- Anything!

This past week bought me much diversity in my cake making!
From Classical wedding cake designs through to corporate and Birthday cakes- made for an artistically challenging week!
I traveled to Sydney with the "chainsaw" cake- to celebrate my Uncles 40th Birthday! After much security checking, and curious onlookers, I made the trip safely to Sydney with the cake!
It is great to be able to create cakes which are so much fun- and really get guests talking!
The cake is entirely edible- including the saw part- and when I went through airport security the guards there were very curious as to how it was all constructed- so in true form- I held up the waiting passengers at Brisbane Airport whilst I tried to explain-quickly- how I managed to make the whole cake from sugar- to curious people who had never decorated a cake before! It really wasn't an easy feat!
I then again spent much time with fellow party goers- explaining the ins and outs of cake decorating! At least I love to talk!
The cake was a surprise for my Uncle- he knew I would bring a cake- but he certainly didn't expect a chainsaw to arrive from Brisvegas! His job is what prompted the unusual design- which he seemed to really love!
I enjoy seeing peoples reactions and cutting the cake just as much as I do enjoy the finished product. It isn't often that I actually get to see one of my designs being cut- or get to talk with guests, and hear their thoughts first hand. Suffice to say the cake ( white Chocolate and Raspberry mud cake inside) was gobbled up as fast as I could cut it!

This week brings a lot of weddings for the long weekend! until then.... Have a great time!

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