Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Tuesday Wedding!

After a Very big weekend of weddings- this week started early with my first ever Tuesday Wedding! It was a beautiful day here in Brisbane yesterday- Clear Blue Skies, and Just warm enough without being hot.
A lovely couple from Melbourne held their wedding at a fantastic restaurant in New Farm- Watt modern dining.
When I arrived to set up the cupcake tower- the place was shut- with no one in sight!!!! Here I was standing out the front with the cake, and I couldn't find any staff!! Being a Chef- I knew that there must be chefs inside preparing the food, so after some serious banging on the doors- the chefs came out and let me in PHEW!!
So I then set up this cute cupcake tower! The Grooms parents were there when I was setting it up- and his mother asked if I had ever made a cake those colours before- the colours were matched to the bridesmaids dresses! And yes colour matching is something I do on a weekly basis!

The couple had a cartoon topper, which were barefoot, and holding hands- how sweet!!

This is definitely the sort of cake your guests aren't going to miss!!

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