Sunday, 16 May 2010

Don't make me pick.......

....a Favourite this week! OMG I LOVED so many it is way too hard!!!

So in no particular favourite order- here goes......

I will begin with this simply stunning design. I make no secret of my love for Monochromatic cakes- and this one- well- without blowing my own horn- was downright gorgeous!

The design itself was inspired by a Sweet Art cake- then tailored to the clients needs and wants. Large rolled fantasy rose blooms cascaded from the top tier- Contemporary- yet elegant- the photo does not do it justice.  

I delivered this cake to The Stamford's River Room- an elegant cake for an equally elegant setting!

It was all about big cakes this third week in April.
My next cake was a combination of two of my prvious designs- roilled into one.
Capturing the fact that beautiful doesn't need to be fussy- this four tier cake with double banded ribbon and two tiers with wired silver beading- was simply delightful.
A sensational 4 tier center piece for a Black and White Marquee reception held on a Private Property.
Without fuss this designs modern elegance was just fitting for the event!

This next cake was collected and delivered out to Mt Mee. I have made countless cakes for the Ocean View Estates at Mt Mee- but I have never persoanlly delivered there... I hear it is stunning!  

Anyway- this cake had hundreds of cut blossoms over each tier..... I was promptly put in my place when I uploaded the image to my personal facebook page asking my friends  "how long do you think it took to put all of these blossoms in place????"  A quick witted reply form a chef friend of mine was " well for an amateur   like yourself- maybe hours- but a pro like me 20 mins  :)) ..." smarty pants TK!
Yes it did take hours to do- but looks pretty in the end. A mixture of deep red blossoms and taupe coloured blossoms to match in with the Willow tree figurine that completed the design. 

The next cake is just plain Cool! The bride herself was really great- down to earth- and I have to personally thank her for the great airline references and convincing me to go to Kuala Lumpur last year!  Without her willingness to chat all things travel to a total stranger who was meant to be chatting cake- I would never have had such a brilliant holiday last year.
Anyway- onto her pretty awesome cake. Inspired by a image from a magazine- this cakes colours were adapted to suit the wedding theme.

It was a bit Retro and a hell of allot Funky- This cake is a definite tick for cool non traditional designs.
Before I painted the circles in the gold colour- they were a dark latte- and I only wish I had taken pic with the Red Ivory and Latte colour scheme- as it was smoking too!

I try to have each cake design matched in with the clients- whether it be incorporating colours- monogram designs- or even elements of the Brides gown- having the cake "fit" with the event is really important.
This next design was a variation of a display cake I have - mixed with the ting rouching detail of the brides gown.
A large Satin Silver sugar bow on top and strung diamante around the base. Delivered to Hillstone- This cake was so very pretty indeed!

This next wedding cake was for Rini and Javed- I made their Tutti Fruity Mad Hatter last year for their engagement.

This time Rini Chose a variation of my Ribbons and Roses design- and added in some Crystal Bling toppers from Bek at Crystal Couture!

With an Ivory Soft gold and pink colour theme- this all tied in nicely.

My last Delivery for the weekend was to Mt Tambourine!
The Cedar Creek Estate Winery is such a beautiful spot.
This Lilac inspired cupcake tower- with fresh and sugar roses looked beautiful in the room.

After a Long drive up the Mountain- it was the day of delivering over for us. Luckily a favourite cafe was still serving late lunch to refuel before the trip home!

I have so many great cakes waiting to share with you all- I am getting excited just thinking about it. Sad I know- but cake is my life! LOL!

So Which one is your favourite? You can leave a comment by clicking on the comment tab below!

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Cakes by Nicole said...

I love them all, but the stand out favourite is the cake with the blue bow, just fabulous!

SweetThingsTO said...

Wow! What an amazing selection of cakes!