Sunday, 23 May 2010

Big is Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel so blessed some weeks- not only do I get to wake up and do what I love every day- but so very often I get magnificent clients who choose equally brilliant cakes!

This last weekend in April was no exception.
Most of my clients will book their cake 6-8months in advance- some much earlier- and for a small few a little closer to the date. It is almost like little surprise when I go over the coming weeks orders and see what awesome creations I have ahead of me.
This first cake reignited my excitement after a few huge wedding cake weeks. This cake- a double barrel base and single top tier- was brush embroidered with the end of a Peacock tail design- that was from the Couples wedding invitations. When the gorgeous Michelle (seriously without sounding - well weird- Michelle had the most captivating eyelashes ever)...anyway.... I had forgotten how beautiful her cake design was going to be, when a few weeks prior to her wedding she contacted me to go over the finer details- I looked forward to completing this cake for the weeks following- and was well in Love with it when I finished.  


The monochromatic design was highlighted with the embroidery design finished in a pearl luster.
Elegant and contemporary- simply stunning in my opinion!

I also sent cakes near and far that weekend.
My very good Friend TK's Brother was getting married down at Kingscliffe- and TK was in charge of collecting and delivering the cake ;)
TK's Brother and his Fiancee had chosen a Martha Stewart inspired design. Three tiers extended with large open fantasy blooms. Ribbon wrapping around the design in the wedding colour theme of blue.
I stared at this cake for AGES!!!!

Big cakes and I really connect- I mean if you are planning on having a cake- why not have it big enough to be noticed from the next room??? 
This cake had 3 Large blooms once it arrived at the venue- I sent the third separately so that it would not be damaged along the way.

This small intimate beach wedding was themed to the tee! The Bride is an interior designer- and from the images I have seen it was nothing short of Magnificent! Not to mention TK safely drove the cake down to Kingscliffe and we both then let out a huge sigh of relief!

It was cakes heading both South and North that weekend.
The next cake went up to Ebb at Maroochydore.
Another double barrel base and single top tier design. Clustered white blooms across the cake and fine piped icing pearls over the top edge.

It is a hard pick for sure with already so many great cakes.. but there is more to come!

The weekend had me tripping around Brisbane delivering cakes. Saturday was Miserable- I mean it really P**$$ed down raining- so much so I had to hold off on my delivery run for fear of getting the boxes wet when getting them from the house- to the car- to the venues.... but we got there in the end.

This next cupcake tower I did a set up shot at home- something which I don't normally do- but I really wanted a piccie as this cake was V cool indeed! Luckily I did- as when I got to the venue I was unable to personally set the cake up- as the room was being used all afternoon and not available for set up until 30 minutes prior to the reception starting ( BTW this was something only told to me when I delivered the cake not when I called to arrange a set up time :( )

Anyway- another UBER cool couple with an equally fitting cake. Sugar roses, blossoms and butterflies- in pinks creams and dark chocolate- complete with cartoon toppers! I was also excited as I got to use my new icing pearls on this cake too!

Without tooting my own horn (LOL) I LOVED the little dress on the cartoon bride. A lace gown- in reality- so I made the dress all embossed and then put a light pearl finish- just adorable!

While in the next image the cake may not really look that big- it was!

A 12" 10" 8" round three tier- normally these sizes are used as the base three tiers on a four tier cake. But the couple were after a very big three tier- so here it is! All white (tick) classic (tick) and allot beautiful (tick;))

Delivered to the Rugby Club downtown- it certainly made a presence in the centre of the room!  

This next cake design I have done a couple of times before- and each time it is just a beautiful as the last.
The piped icing pearls across each tier in a diamond pattern look pretty and dainty- and the bold contrast of the black finishes the cake superbly!

This cake was sent to Mirra in the Valley- for a ANZAC Day wedding.

It is not a massive cake- but the design is delicate and deserving of its size.

I had a soft iced cake for the Brisbane Golf Club to deliver too.
The fresh flower topper was prepared by the clients florist.

Piped butter cream pearls around the base of each tier. Soft and fresh indeed!

The next cake was a wicked chocolate creation. Wavy chards in both Dark and white chocolate wound around the cake.

The long chards and additional ones out the top gave the cake added height and making this two tier creation look much bigger than it was inside. A clever way to give the illusion of more cake than actually is there.

Last but definitely not least was a cake for the Powerhouse.
This two tier cake had me awake at night thinking about the piping work. Piping dark colours onto a cake is always a risky business. There is no room for any error- and being so  finicky and wanting nothing but beauty in the final design- I certainly invested allot of mental hours into this cake.

The piped chocolate design wound around the tiers and a single pattern on the top.

Well that was that for the last weekend in April.
Some truly beautiful cakes for equally gorgeous couples!
I hope that everyone had a magnificent wedding day- and that most of all they enjoyed their cakes!

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faithy, the baker said...

Gorgeous cakes all of them! :)

weddingcakes said...

lol, i wannna eat all of them

SweetThingsTO said...

Wow - love the cakes - all of them. My favorites are the first 2 and also that wonderful chocolate creation. Amazing!