Saturday, 27 March 2010

Wild and Pretty things......

The last week in February had me making soe great cakes indeed.
To start the week off was a cake for the Ipswich Hospitals 150th Birthday.
Keeping the cake big- but relatively simple- I used the varied blue colour scheme- and made a cake that graduated from a deep blue through to a pale sky blue at the top.
This cake was used for the Gala ball in honor of the hospitals birthday.

The next cake I made was another Birthday cake- for a returning client.
This cake was for a "Wild" themed 21st. With the request of a chocolate creation with a personalised figurine on top- I thought I woudl add more personalisation to the topper- by maker her look a little wild too ;))
Complete with crazy hair- bare feet - a "Tarzan Jane's" off the shoulder dress and her tongue poking out ;-P I thought she was really cute! 
The chocolate chards were also made to be animal print to keep in with the theme.

The next cake is almost the opposite of the last- an all white creation for a beautiful wedding at The Landing- Dockside.

 I have done this style of cake design many times before- but it always seems so elegant.

The last cake for this blog is one which had my nerves racing. Using black icing- as I am sure I have mentioned before- is a no error job. You cannot afford to make any mistakes- because unlike white- which can be removed- black is there for good.
This cakes design was completely inspired by the wedding invites.
The invites had a velvet baroque style pattern on one third of the paper- separated by a satin edged organza ribbon- then the invite wording was on a pearl ivory piece of paper- so minus the wording- and with the addition of a second tier- this cake really resembled the invite itself.
I also put this cake onto a black board to add a bit more of a dramatic element to the cake.
I am always totally humbled to receive thanks from my clients- especially so soon after their wedding- but the recipients of this beauty were so kind to send me a heartfelt thank you the week following thier wedding :
Hi Sarah-Jane,
Just wanted to say a big thank-you for our wedding cake last weekend for Kelly-Gabb wedding at Indooroopilly Golf Club on Sat 27th Feb.
The cake was exactly what we envisioned (actually even better than we thought!) and looked beautiful and tasted fabulous too!
As you can see from the couple of photos from our camera (attached) the marbling of the cake centre looked a real treat too!

The professional photographer has a lovely picture on a different angle and should be getting these files shortly and will send a copy to you.
Thanks again for your professional and making such a lovely statement with your cake at our wedding.
Kind Regards,
Tanya Gabb

So as you can see- inside was a Neapolitan Marble cake.

Making the cakes is the easy part- making my clients day is that extra bit special!
So I ended my week on a high- such kind words and beautiful cakes- what more could I ask for??
Thanks for reading 

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Bessie said...

That 21 birthday cake looks great!
Love the little figure.