Friday, 12 March 2010

Easing in.......

Knowing full well what a hectic Wedding season I had coming up- I choose to ease myself back into work this year- taking only limited bookings so that I could really rest up in time for  the March onslaught :)
The First week in February saw me do a simple yet pretty Cupcake tower for a Surprise Birthday party.

Classy is all I can really say- you don't need to be fussy to be elegant.
The "K" on top had cachous rising up from the base- sparkly and beautiful!
Black papers kept with the theme. 

I also had a cake that was a variation of one I replicated for my Sister and Brother in law almost 7 years ago now. This design is still immensely popular- rolled swirls of fondant and roses dotted across the design. 

This cake was sent out to Mt Mee- a venue to which I have made many cakes for - but am yet to deliver personally too.
I also had  a Brush embroidered design.
This cake was ordered as a variation of my "Pearls and Lace" design- made in two tiers. This pattern is a generic pattern, but I am able too- and generally do- replicate the brides lace fabric from her wedding gown.
I got to use my brand new sugar icing pearls- from Cake deco- on this cake. They are just beautiful!
This cake was ordered via email- which is some thing that many of my clients do- forgoing the need for a face to face consultation. 
I had my heart set racing by a friend of the Bride on the wedding day- who called me to say "Where's the cake??" at about 9.30am in the morning. I had rung the venue the day prior to advise them ( as I do with all of my cakes) of my expected delivery time (about 1-2pm for a 4pm Wedding) so I was under the impression that this was all good- but the Brides friend thought that it should have been delivered the day prior- and had me in a panic thinking that I had the times wrong and it was in fact a Breakfast wedding rather than an evening reception as stated on the order sheet. But no- all was good- the friend was just "making sure" that I was going to deliver the cake! I seriously aged 10 years!!! When I saw that I had 4 missed calls and two messages all in regards to the one cake- they were certainly eager to get it delivered early LOL!

My next cake design was for My cousins little boy Connor- who was turning 11.
I had such success with the transformers cake in December- I thought I would give it another wirl.
 I only realised that this is indeed the Autobot face and not the Decpticon- I had cake brain but will know better for next time.....

I am a cake maker- not a Photographer- but I really wish I had a pro Photographer here at my house each week to come and take my cake pics for me.
I do get many pro pics of my cakes from my gorgeous clients- and I really treasure them- it makes the cakes look so good- effortlessly good!
Here is a cake I Did for a wedding out at Acaia Ridge- This is my (best) shot of the Ruby Love design

And here are two taken by the guys at TWK studio!!!!! Magnificent
The studio was kind enough to pass on a heap of images from the wedding- or the cake and the Bride and Groom Cutting it- what a wonderful surprise.

So I have eased myself back into my world of all things cake and am full steam ahead!
For those of  you who want to check out my latest cakes- before I blog about them- join my Cake That! Facebook group!
Thanks for Reading!

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I love the Surprise Birthday party cupcakes - so elegant and sophisticated.....