Monday, 8 March 2010

Some January cakes

OK- As the tittle suggests- this post will contain "some" of my January cakes.
Why only some you ask??? Well to put it bluntly I am slack- coming back after a 4 week break from making cakes meant that taking decent pictures of the cakes I made was not my highest priority- unfortunately.
So I have decided to blog the rest of January as one post and include what I have.
The first cake is a Brush embroidered design- one which I first did way back in 2006- and is still one of my most asked about designs today. Simple and pretty- with a pearl lustre finish.

This cake was collected and taken up to Redcliffe for the reception held at Sails. Fresh flowers completed the design.

I even had time to make anniversary cakes in January- this cute replica top tier with sugar frangipanis was made for a 1st Wedding anniversary in Noosa- pretty.I love dusting up the Frangipani's in the "fruit salad" variety colours- the pinks yellows and oranges look so vibrant!


This client had specific instructions that she wanted the cake to look "home iced"- so Iced in a vanilla butter cream icing this White chocolate and Raspberry cake with fresh Panache roses and later finished with a silver "80" was a "home" looking as you could get.

I also had a very yummy looking cupcake tower.
The cakes were iced alternately in either a chocolate or vanilla butter cream icing- then 3 colours of sugar hearts- Red, White and Chocolate- were placed "randomly on top of each cupcake. Now this is HARD! Getting the cake to look random, but symmetrical takes some thinking- but I think it turned out OK.

This was for an engagement party held in a private home- it looked very inviting in the end- don't you think??

Last but certainly not least- was a cake I had the pleasure of making for the Uber Wedding Photographer Toni Snell.
Her 30th Birthday was held in late January- and I was delighted to be able to make her a cake. Toni not only takes brilliant wedding photo's but she kindly passes referrals my way whenever she can. I am forever grateful for her support and thought the least I could do was to make her a cake for her 30th!

The base tier was a double height Kahlua Almond Mud- coated in Chocolate ganache and chocolate chards... (note to self- don't try new ideas out when you are making a "special" cake)...... the chards in this cake design (in my head) were going to be all wavy and overlapping- which they are to an extent- but just not to what I had pictured in my head... anyway- it still looked OK in the end.
The top tier was a double height White raspberry Mud- complete with a mini Toni.
Toni had OK'd the design with the chocolate extended height complete with "Snelly" and a 30- but the mini Toni was an added extra I felt the cake needed.
The Posing Toni- complete with black mini dress and high heels was pretty cute- she even rocked the photobooth that Toni had hired for her party.
You can see the pro pic's form Toni's party and read all about the fabulous night here.

A special Thanks to Toni for a wonderful night and including us in your celebrations!

So that - for the most part- was my January. Minus a few cakes that I didn't manage to capture well- it was a relaxed start to the year.

I cannot believe it is March already!

Just one last thing- I was interviewed by Mike from Blog interviewer.
You can see my interview here.

Thanks for reading!

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Shellsibelle said...

Wow, Sarah-Jane, that cupcake tower with the red, brown and white hearts looks magical!! YUM YUM!!