Monday, 22 March 2010

Classy Fun.......

The Third week in February had me making an eclectic mix of cake designs. Classic Elegant designs- through to genuinely fun talking points.

My week of deliveries began on Friday with this gorgeous and timeless design. A Three teir cake simply decorated with Sugar roses which had their centres dusted a blush pink colour- Simple- Elegant- all round gorgeous- my kind of cake!

I am often heard saying to my clients that fussy doesn't always mean beautiful- simple can be equally attractive. This cake was banded with sugar ribbon- to complete the design.

The Friday also had me delivering a cake for a returning client- Tempe. The last time I made a cake for Tempe was for her 18th- now it was time to Celebrate her 21st! Tempe's  mum came and met with me to decide on a design for Tempe's 21st Birthday Dinner. Deciding to forgo the traditional all out 21st bash- Tempe opted for a more intimate elegant dinner with her closest family and friends. A suitably matching cake design was chosen, incorporating the birthday girls favourite colour- a sweet African flowers she had recently seen whilst in South Africa on Holidays- and her nickname"Flossy".
These small flowers were made from an image the clients provided me. I cut out each petal to try and recreate the flowers in the image.

The flowers trailed down and across the front of the cake- finishing at the "flossy" on the board. Once at the venue fresh roses filled between the tiers. Beautiful, girly and elegant!

It is amazing how different the cake looks with an without the fresh roses in between!

Saturday had me - for the first time in a very long time- with NO cake deliveries! My actual delivery run was Friday and Sunday- so it felt a bit strange not tripping around Brisbane delivering cakes- but all the same a nice change to actually be able to meet with clients in the morning- and spend the afternoon socialising- like regular people do on Saturdays ;))
I did have one cake for the Saturday- which was collected.
This 40th Birthday present cake.
Organised as a surprise by this lucky recipients husband- a chocolate mud cake filled with chocolate ganache- and from the kind thanks I have received since the party- it seems it was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Sunday had me out and about again delivering cakes- The first was totally fun indeed! 
This two tier cake was inspired by a Martha Stewart wedding cake- sugar confetti- yes I cut out each little piece of confetti from sugar- trailed overthe design. The confetti was colour matched to the weddings colour theme- so it fit in wonderfully!

The cake was topped with a cartoon bridal couple- with a twist.....

Very personalised cartoon toppers included the groom using a vacuum cleaner to "vacuum up" the confetti! What a hoot! The topper's domestic addition was surprise for the groom- from the bride. As the story told to me goes- there seems to be not a single day that goes past where the vacuum cleaner isn't being used in their household- the groom constantly cleaning up and vacuuming around the house... so the bride thought it a complete laugh to have her groom vacuuming on top of the cake!
Not only is the vacuum a signature of the groom- but his electric blue glasses are also a prominent feature of him. So complete with his glasses and trusty red vacuum- this little guy was set to steal the show at the wedding!

I rounded off the week in a very similar fashion to what it began!
The last cake of the week was just as beautiful as the first- proving that classic elegance is indeed the current trend for cake design.

This cake was finished with roses that had the ends dusted in pink- with  ivory centres.

It was a great week of cakes indeed- making it very hard for me to choose a favourite for sure.
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Brandy L said...

WOW! all your cakes are spectacular! Just absolutely stunning.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutley fascinated by your cakes. I see with your cakes with the flowers in between some of the you use an oasis block and then some you put pillars in between the cakes is there any reason why you use the differt methods, is one easier then the other or does
it depend on the type of flower etc

Sarah-Jane said...

HI Anon
It depends on all of the things you have mentioned- but mostly I use the oasis with pillars method.

Fee said...

Hi Sarah-Jane, how did you fix the confetti to the last cake? With cake decorating glue or royal icing?