Sunday, 25 October 2009

Two Expo's a Birthday and a Wedding!

For those of you who regularly read my blog- it will come as no surprise what a huge and fabulous help my family are when it comes to me and this business.

Always ready to give up their weekends to help me deliver- run about town collecting supplies for me when I am too flat out- and in general just being super supportive- all in the name of love.

This past month I have had two wedding expo's- one at the Royal on the park- and the other for the I dream of my Wedding competition/expo.

The night before the Expo I made this cake to compliment the Crystal Couture toppers that I have on display from Bec at Crystal Couture- Edible glitter hearts wind up the cake for added sparkle.

The first expo was held way back on the last weekend in September. This was a really busy weekend for me- but I left the cake delivering in Steve's capable hands while my mum and I hammed it up at the Expo

Little sample bags of cake for the guests to take home!

I had two heavily stacked concierge trolley's full of display items to unpack- set up and all together try to put on an awesome display for the attendants. I had my wonderful mum on hand with me during the day. Her networking skills are an invaluable part of Cake That! My Expo stand with my swish new pull up banner- Starring Michelle and Brad!

I was more than delighted to see that we would also be sharing the day with the Vivacious Anne Campbell- Brisbane's Celebrant extraordinaire! This day was going to be allot of fun!

The day started off fabulously with Alecedies- or brilliant waiter for the day- handing out Champa's to both the vendors and the guests attending the expo! The Kingsford Smith Ballroom was dressed beautifully with a few different set up scenarios, along with a preferred supplier in each category around the hall.

All day Canapes and samples of the Royal on the Parks wedding menu were on offer for all to try, and try we did- at the end of the day I needed to be rolled to the car ;))

A steady stream of potential clients came through the expo- and being the first Open day for the Royal on The Park- I am sure it will only get more popular in the future. word is that The Royal on the Park plan to have Wedding Open days twice a year- to showcase not only their great venue but their preferred suppliers too. A great way to see what the venue looks like set up- and meet your potential vendors all in one go!

I was also delighted to meet and get to chat with other vendors including The Party Girls and David Tye Photography.

In amongst what has been a busy month- it was my cousin's sons 6th Birthday. Being a huge Ben 10 Fan- I managed to wrangle up a few cupcakes and the "Omnitrix" for his birthday. Thank goodness kids can recognise even the slightest resemblance to a toy they love- otherwise I could have been in trouble with this wonder!

Once again- due to a very heavy schedule my mum was on hand and help me with the watch image and the dusting- mixing up the colours- and well basically- all I did was ice the cake! Thanks Mum- and Happy Birthday Lachlan!

It was only a week later and I had the " I dream of My Wedding" expo on.

The hard yards with the display cakes had mostly been done for the past expo- it was only the actual wedding cake and a new cupcake tower that I needed for this one.

This time I had both My mum and My sister Kate with me. All dressed up in my swanky new Cake That Aprons- ready to sell me to the crowds! Unfortunately though the number of couples that came through the day were very small- and many I had met only a fortnight earlier at the Royal on the Park.

At the beginning of the day- before fabulous hair!

A "selfie" of Mum Kate and I

But once again there were fabulous other vendors to chat to- and we kept ourselves entertained throughout the day- watching Pauline and her Bridesmaids get ready for her wedding later in the afternoon.

I had JUST got a whole shipment of new culinary stencils the day before the expo- and my sister Kate convinced me to make a stenciled stand and cupcakes as the display cake- because after a massive week of weddings what I really would like to do is spend hours making trendy new cupcakes- right?? Of course I did! these new stencils are like toys to a child- I had to use them- and when I chose a black stencil on white icing- I had Kate's nerves almost shot! But it all worked out to plan and looked pretty gorgeous- if I do say so myself!

I met Flora and George form George Hair salon at Kangaroo point- Great people and fabulous at doing some really funky hair styles! I even got Flora to give me the Eva Longoria look- seriously I know I don't look anything like her- but I do have long dark curly hair!

It looked awesome and a new fat GHD styler is definitely on my Birthday/Xmas list ( hint hint Steve) :))

My mum also got her hair done too!

I also met Wendy Sullivan from Brides Desire- OMG she had the most gorgeous wedding dress there- and If I ever have to attend an event like the Oscars- I am so getting the dress she had there on Display. For the mean time I will just keep on telling all my clients about how beautiful her gowns are and to definitely check them out!

The main focus of the day was on the Wedding that Pauline and Michael won through the I dream of my Wedding Competition.

Pauline and Michael were married in front of their family friends and expo attendants right there at the expo.

Despite being at the expo the wedding had all the beauty and emotion of any other wedding- Two people in Love vowing to be with each other, Bridesmaids shedding tears, and Groomsmen helping keep the groom from wearing a track in the carpet.

And of course there was a cake!

I gave Pauline and Michael a range of cakes to choose from- and Pauline chose this simple and elegant Three tier cake with flat bows and diamonte buckles. The colour matching in with the reception and the Bridesmaids gowns.

Congratulations to you both and I look forward to seeing your story in the Magazine!

I also met Rose from the Lily Bean- who made gorgeous bouquets for the bridal party- which included tiny little succulents- they looked beautiful!

A shot with the Happy couple and all of the vendors that made the dream wedding a reality.

After a long day at the Expo- despite only meeting with a handful of potential clients I came away with more vendors I could happily recommend!

October has been a Mammoth month for cakes- and I will try to post again tomorrow- I need to catch you all up!

Thanks for reading


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