Monday, 4 May 2009

Wonderful.........Simply Wonderful

I have had a great week this week. I had some truly beautiful clients- who chose gorgeous cakes, and as a whole my week was just dandy.

The first cake is one that has been booked in for more than a year. Normally I do not take bookings until 11 months out from the wedding- but the Lovely Jen and her now Husband Brendan- were headed off on an overseas adventure before getting married, and wanted to get all of the wedding details sorted before leaving on their journey.
But it was less than 3 short weeks ago when I met with Jen- and her lovely mum, and finalised the details for the cake. The design shape was to remain the same, but instead of dots over the cake- Jen decided to have her invitation patten replicated over the design.

I was excited. Something new, different and Oh So Beautiful. This cake was elegant, yet contemporary, and tied in with the theme perfectly.

Did I mention how lovely Jen was? Seriously, when I delivered the cake- for only the third time ever- I received my own little Bombonniere!!!!! I was super excited!

Now not only was it a tiny cube of black and white M&M's- they were personalised too! "Jen & Brendan" on some and "3rd May 2009" on others- just adorable. I LOVE M&M's but I don't know if I will ever be able to eat them.
Before the emails start coming in- you can only get the M&M's if you live in the States- or know someone who does- as the company will only deliver to a US postal Address.

The next cake was the first cake I delivered on Saturday- a huge 5 tiers all the way out to Mt Cotton Rainforest Gardens. Delivering a cake is not always as simple as taking the cake from its box and placing it onto the table, there are often obstacles. When we arrived at the venue ( this was my first time to deliver there) the cake was to be set up in a Marquee- that was set over a patch of long green grass- on a slight hill. As the ground was slightly sloping- this meant that the table too was on an angle- something that isn't advisable for any cake- let alone a big 5 tier cake. So with help from the event decorators we scooted about to find something to level the table before putting the cake in place. Luckily I had spare boxes in the car, which we broke down to make the table level and stable enough to support the cake. In my terms and conditions I have the stability and level of the cake table clearly noted as a requirement, but more often than not- this is something that is overlooked and not discussed with the venues. Giving a brief description (especially for large cakes) of your cake design to your venue will help them ensure you have a table fit for its purpose.

Five tiers of White cake, with sugar draping, roses and crystals- fit for a princess.
This cake is a version of one I made for my great friend's Gianni and Cherisse- it is also featured in the latest Discerning Bride magazine too.

Keeping with the draping theme this next cake features the pillar style- with drapes and roses, and pillars to give added height.

Set up in the Ballroom at the Stamford Plaza, the added height added a touch of grandeur to the design.

I often get asked "What do you mean by 'Plain iced' cake?" ....

...well this is it, a cake that is iced, with no decoration added, bar a bit of ribbon around the base. The strung pearls are also included in the plain iced price. The clients were adding their own fresh flower topper to this cake, but you could add anything you liked, or leave it as is.

Black and White has cemented itself as the latest colour theme for sure.
This next cake has a bit of "Bling" around the base of each tier, cute couple on top and a Little cartoon dog too! Really cute indeed.

The cake was for Upstairs at the River Canteen at Southbank- a hidden Jem of a venue- right on the river- fabulous food and wine, and the Parklands at your doorstep for photo's, or even the ceremony too!

As you may know as a regular reader- I do allot of weddings with Karen from Bliss floral. It was only last weekend that I made her sisters wedding cake, and I saw her again this weekend to collaborate on the next design.
It was certainly the weekend for last minute changes, as this cake design was a mixture of of two the bride and groom had on their quote.
The twisted tiers met with angle topped chards to create this White chocolate creation.

Last but not least is this Butterfly cupcake tower, With a colour scheme of White chocolate brown and olive green, this cupcake tower came together with a mixture of different butterflies and four flavours of mini and regular sized cupcakes.
I just realised that I haven't posted about last weeks cakes yet!!! Oh well- the blog will be a little out of whack, but I will post about the ANZAC Day weekend cakes sooon............. woops!

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Stunning cakes, the black & white one is outstanding!