Monday, 4 May 2009

<<<<< Rewind<<<<<

Whoops! A huge apology for jumping this weekend's cake blog in front of last weekends, wedding season must be catching up on me.

OK, so the following are from the ANZAC Day weekend- notice the "long" missing form between the word day and the word weekend- well I think the fact that the public holiday fell on the Saturday caught a few people out, as I had 3 weddings on the Sunday, which is unusual seeing as through it was a regular work day on Monday.

Anyway- there was Weddings, Birthdays and Christenings this weekend.

I will start with my favourite for the week- this set of luscious lips was the center piece for a 50th Birthday celebration.

Inside this set of glistening lips was a Citrus mudcake coated in Lemon white chocolate ganache, then finished with a bright red rolled fondant! Sensational- I loved the sheen!!

Next was a Christening cake- a layered vanilla cake, with vanilla bean buttercream and white chocolate chards to finish.

Poor little Nixon was probably way too small to partake in apiece of cake, even with such a delicious center.

My week started early with a Thursday wedding- out at Icon at Raby Bay, this cupcake tower matched in with the Red and Black theme.

Simply iced cupcakes in black papers, with a cartoon couple on top, sweet and simple.
I often wonder if you are all thinking- "why is the bride shorter than the groom?" or " did she not measure the toppers together while making them??" but the truth be told- each couple is made to mimic the real couple- so in this instance the Groom is more than a head taller than his bride, so had she been a similar height- then they would have been a generic couple that didn't reflect the actual couple themselves.

The beautiful Karen from Bliss Floral's sister Katrina was Married on Friday the 24th April- out at Woody point's Belvedere Hotel, the reception room looked AMAZING- not just the gorgeous floral centerpieces, but she had a candy buffet!!!!! I am so having one of these at my 33rd birthday this year :))

OK- so with the table full of pink themes sweets aside, the cake was beautiful too. After originally choosing a plain iced design, Katrina opted for another cake that I had previously done with Karen, the "Pearl Lines" design. Elegant and all together very "wedding" indeed.

Topped with the bouquet flowers, which had little diamontes studded in the stephanotis- it looked so good. It was almost as nerve wracking as making a cake for a celebrity when you make a cake for an industry colleague (or their family) you want everything to be just perfect- and more.

Last but not least- it was my Mum's birthday on the 21st April, and as duly noted by some staff at her work " this is the first time in 4 years your daughter hasn't bought a cake to you at work..." Yes I got the message- I did personally deliver her flowers, so I wasn't all terrible.
I redeemed myself on the Friday night when we had a family dinner by making her a chocolate creation.
I had been wanting to do a wrap cake for a while- and what better person to try out a technique on than your mother. Yes cakes get a little OTT for birthdays with friends and family- as this is when I get to make whatever I like.

So this two tier cake is wrapped in long pieces of white chocolate, then the "gaps" are filled with fresh strawberries, all dusted with icing sugar.
So apologies for the mix up with the weeks, we should be back on track now!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the lips. How did you get it so shiny? I havn't seen a cake like that before.

Sarah-Jane said...

The lips have been glazed to get the effect- they looked so great- I loved them.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post (and very sweet too)!!!