Sunday, 22 February 2009

Ready to roll!

This weekend I was up early- with Wedding season coming into full swing- it was a matter of getting going before I ran out of time!
Delivering cakes takes me all over South East Queensland- not just to the CBD.
I have allot of long distance deliveries coming up in the next few months, which means that many Saturdays I am unable to take more than one appointment, and get deliveries done. While I still have after hours time slots available- most consultation times are restricted to late weekday afternoons.

Yesterday was no different.
I headed off to Woodlands of Marburg first. With a four tier Butter iced cake- complete with fresh flowers- and impending 30degC heat- it was imperative that I had the cake delivered to the venue and out of the midday heat.

I love this cake design. It is pretty, elegant, a decent sized cake- and not to mention- iced in a thick butter cream that is just asking for someone to run their finger through it!

After returning to Brisbane I made my first ever delivery to Riverlife at Kangaroo Point.
This was the first time I had delivered to this venue. Set at the base of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs- on the edge of the Brisbane river- it is certainly a feat to get there.

This cupcake tower was a mixture of White chocolate and Raspberry, Choc Chip and Hazelnut cupcakes. With a top tier that was surrounded by Marbled chocolate chards.
While this venue has an awesome view- it has no air conditioning- not even in an office.
Even though I was advised that there was an air conditioned office available- when I arrived- there was no office- nor Air conditioning. I don't have this condition for delivery simply as a request- it is an absolute must.
I truly hope that with the late afternoon delivery- and the "cool" area that all went well.

The next cake was actually delivered on Friday- for a Saturday Wedding.

A version of my "Sweet Daisy" design- this cake had a cute little family on top. Complete with the Kilts- this family moved to Brisbane from Scotland a year ago- and celebrated their wedding here in the 30degC heat with a close group of family and friends.

The last cake of the day to be delivered ended with a lovely surprise!
For only the 3rd time in more than 500 wedding cakes delivered- I got to see ( and talk) to the Bride dressed in all of her glory!

This cake is a two tier double barrel design- that was finished with a pale pink palette royal icing. Fresh roses in mixed pinks filled between the tiers and fresh roses finished the design on top.

Now- seeing I was so excited to see Jodi- I only managed one picture of her with her cake! Not the best photo- but remember I am a cake decorator NOT a photographer!Here is Jodie with her Lovely Mum!
Congratulations Jodie and Stephen! Enjoy your Jamaican Honey moon- you lucky buggers!!!

Congratulations also to all of my brides and grooms this weekend! I hope your day was truly fabulous!


Karen Pierson, Bliss Floral Design said...

Looks like we had two weddings in common this week - Lauren and Jodie. When I set up the flowers at Riverlife your cake was still looking pretty good, I'm no cake expert and all I could tell was that the icing on the cupcakes was looking a bit soft, but all your chocolate chards were standing tall. So despite the heat it was holding up.
Don't really want to have to take that drive too often after rain...
Have a good week.

Sarah-Jane said...

Thanks Karen!
Yes I was more than disappointed to find out- even after being told otherwise as late as Thursday- that there is NO Air conditioning there- not even an office.
Never again..............