Sunday, 22 February 2009

Valentines Wrap

Last weekend I made Boxed cupcakes( If you hadn't already realise ;0)

I have received really great feedback form both the purchaser's and the recipients!

So for all of you who missed out- these little creations were in each box:

This cake was a vanilla cupcake with pink vanilla butter cream and White chocolate hearts as decoration.

The next Cupcake is a Gluten Free Chocolate and Almond cupcake with dark chocolate ganache and filigree chocolate hearts.

This Red Velvet cupcake iced in a vanilla butter cream with an edible glitter heart.

It was all about Love with the next design. A light rosewater cupcake iced in white fondant- with Love script across the top.

Last but not least is the Decadent chocolate cupcake- a rich chocolate cupcake- filled with chocolate ganache then iced in a light chocolate butter cream. Handmade heart confetti to decorate.

Which one would you choose????
For those of you who missed out this year- there's always next time!


Relznik said...

Which one would I choose???? What sort of sadist are you, having me make a decision like that!!!!! They ALL look gooooood!

Donna said...

The cupcakes were all soooo good! But I think my favourite was the gluten free chocolate and almond flavoured one.