Thursday, 23 October 2008

Weeks pass in the blink of an eye!

I can't believe that a week has almost past since I made these cakes!!!!! I really try to get this blog done at the end of each week- but with cakes on order 7 days a week- I am a little snowed under at the moment.
So as I sit here waiting for one of tomorrows clients to come and collect their fabulous 4 tier cake- I thought I had better write my blog!
Last week was Full on- With a capitol F! I had weddings on Friday Saturday and Sunday- with a collection on Thursday!

The first cake I finished for the week was this fabulous little design. This design is similar to one from a US website- and was sent to me by two different clients- who have both ordered a similar design. This is the first time I have made it- with the next one due in May next year!
Anyway- this cake was being sent over to Straddie for Ben and Beck wedding on Friday!
The Blue White and Black dot theme matched tier invitations perfectly!

The cake had a double barrel base- and single top tier- with a random pattern of Blue White and Black dots on the base tier!

Beck also asked me to put a hidden smiley face on one of the dots- just for a laugh! I hope they found it! :)

The Next cake was a very last minute request.
I have been booked out for October for more than 4 months- but when The coordinator from Customs house rang and ask could I help this Bride who had forgotten to order her cake- only 4 weeks out from her wedding- I did my best to make it possible!
"simple" was what I was told- however it may look Simple- but in fact it is very far from simple indeed!

This cake has 1.5x height extended tiers- with sugar magnolias and detail piping. As stunning as it is I certainly had to squeeze this cake in! Seeing as though I frequently deliver to Customs house I felt the late nights far outweighed my conscious should I have not been able to help!

One last cake for Friday- this stunning elegant three tier cake- with black velvet ribbons is one of those " If I had my wedding again" designs for me! The cake itself would be a plain white cake without the texture of the ribbon.

With the only specific instruction to have the big bow floating down the tiers- it was designers choice when it came to arranging the different sized ribbons.
The diamonte buckle was a last minute addition by me- as I felt it needed that little bit of sparkle to really embrace the elegance of the design.

With Friday over and done with- it was full steam ahead for Saturday!

I was lucky enough to deliver to "THE BEST" reception I have ever seen! I have delivered 100's cakes but I have never wanted to be invited to a reception as much as this fabulous one!
Held on a Private Property in the Dayboro Valley- this wedding was set in a gorgeous silk lined marquee- set for close to 300 guests! The view was amazing!

From a guess there was close to 800 candles- set in sheer tubes throughout the room- I can only imagine the beauty at night!

The cake was a latte coloured cake- with two tiers wrapped in the invitation lace- and the other tiers featuring drop Swarovski Crystals. A cartoon Bride and Groom stood atop of this 4 tier cake! Thank you Julie and Craig for choosing me to make your wedding cake - and letting me ogle the beauty of your reception! I hope you guys had a magnificent night!

I also delivered this three tier cake banded with Cornelli work out to Glengariff Estate- fresh flowers completed the design.

A classic look- with a modern edge- I loved this design too!

This cake scared the bejeezers out of me! Piping in black is the scariest thing to me! If you make a mistake in black-there is no turning back- that is it! So with Shaky hands- I piped this pattern over all of the tiers- successfully!!!!!!!!!

I ran into the Bride ( Rachel) after I had delivered the cake- looking gorgeous with her hair and make-up already done!

I missed a photo of one of my cakes this week because my husband got flustered by a rather rude venue. This venue( whose name I won't mention) is one of my regular venues- so I was more than Shocked to hear from my husband that his attire was questioned when delivering the cake. The standard Cake That! delivery uniform is Jeans and a "Cake That!" shirt. Apparently this is no longer suitable attire to deliver a cake in. Suffice to say- after being escorted through the delivery- a photo of the finished cake was sadly missed. I have emailed the Bride and groom- so fingers crossed- I can get a copy of their beautiful cake soon!

I had three cakes at Victiria Park this weekend past- so this next cake is Saturdays one! When I was delivering the cake I ran into some clients of mine- and my sincere apologies for not stopping to chat- as I was on a cake delivering mission!
This two tier cake was a chocolate lovers dream- all white chocolate with Dark chocolate piped hearts coming out from the top!

Not only did I deliver the cake- I also got to return the Sunnies that the brides mum left behind at her consultation many months ago!!

With Saturday done and gone..........Sunday came fast!
This classicially beautiful three tier cake was the final delivery for the week- back again to Victoria Park!

The sugar roses have Ivory centers to make them look more real- and to give them a bit of depth!

With all that over with for the week- I am almost finished this weeks cakes!
I had such a fabulous bunch of cakes last week- it really made me feel so satisfied with the job I did! From Classic through to modern- each cake was so different- so unique to each event!
Hopefully I can post again soon


Anonymous said...

I love your cakes, as usual.

I have a question about the cakes you do with the chocolate pieces around the sides. Do you pour the chocolate into a mold, or pour the chocolate into sheets and cut it? If you cut the pieces, how do you do it?

I am hoping to make a small version of that design for my husband's work Christmas party.

Sarah-Jane said...

HI Rachel
The chocolate chards are made in sheets and then cut- just before they set.

The Cake Maker said...

I have been checking in all week waiting for your latest cakes! You didn't disappoint, all beautiful, MY fav this week is the 'simple' (LOL) one you had to squeeze in... wow!

Sarah-Jane said...

Yes this week has been such a fabulous design week- each a little different- but I love them all! Bias I suppose ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that reception venue with your husband. Do they expect him to wear a suit and tie to deliver the cake? Is he still going to help you deliver cakes LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah-Jane said...

Yes My Husband still delivers with me!
The venue has since apologised.

Nada Handous said...

I am completely in love with the 'simple' cake!!! Stunning! Great job :)