Monday, 6 October 2008

Heating up...................

What is going on- what happened to Spring?? We seemed to have jumped straight into summer- with the temperature sitting in the high 20's and early 30's it is definitely H O T .....HOT!
Luckily the really hot days were at the beginning of the week- leaving me much more bearable days at the end of the week.

This week bought me another fabulously diverse range of designs to conquer!
I had three cakes due for Friday- which meant I was on my toes from the get go!
The first cake for Friday was a totally Gluten free design.
Inside this three tiered cake was a gluten free chocolate and almond cake! A dense rich and super moist cake that was layered with velvety dark chocolate ganache- then iced in a thin layer of Rolled fondant icing.

A classic design on the outside- with draped icing- fine piping detail and sugar roses to finish!
Each layer was around 1.5x height of regular tiers.
Friday was a big day for me- not only did I go into the Royal Brisbane Childrens hospital and do some cupcake decorating- I also had a cake to deliver out to Dayboro.
It wasn't until I got all the way out there until I realised that I had left my camera at home :(
So This picture from my sugar encrusted mobile phone is the only one I have!

Each cupcake was iced in a butter cream icing- with a single chocolate filigree on top of each cake.

The next cake went all the way to Murgon! When I met the Bride (Emma) and found out where the reception was being held- I asked if she knew of a school friend of mine- who also grew up in the small town- not only did she know of her- My school friends mother was the celebrant at the wedding!

Emma had chosen a three tier version of a marbled iced design I had made previously.
I really liked this cake- the swirled chocolate and ivory fondant looked really inviting!

Saturday was another day of long drives and heat battles!
I headed out to Woody Point first thing in the morning to deliver this three tier butter iced design.

Fresh Green Singapore Orchids trailed over the cake. The room was beautifully decorated with hints of green throughout! Including green candles on cream candelabras- so very pretty indeed!
Then it was across to Wantima at Albany Creek! This cakes picture just doesn't do it justice.
So Elegant- three white iced tiers- with firm edges- and a double flat bow ( like a bow tie) on each tier.

The room had white chair covers with black bows- so it fitted just perfectly!

The heat really rules how I deliver cakes. Depending on where they are going- and what they are made of determines when I leave to deliver them!
The next cake was for the Regatta. This cake was a bare shell 5 minutes before I left to deliver it. The fresh berries were kept refrigerated right up until it was time to pack the cake into the car and go!
Laden with more than 3kgs of fresh berries ( Strawberries/raspberries and Blueberries) this cake smelt absolutely divine! Chocolate triangles were dotted throughout the top!
The air conditioning in the room was crisp when I arrived- it was so nice I wanted to stay all day!

The couple also had little bird toppers too- as they are both keen bird watchers and wanted to incorporate an element of "them" into their cake!

After this I headed to The Stamford- I was on a mission to deliver the cake ASAP as I had one more delivery to go! Having previously worked at the Stamford- can mean a long delivery- if I run into old friends- but this time I was like Stealth!

The Bride and groom had chosen the "mummy" cake- a cake which I first made for a bridal show at Bridal Couture ( at the Port office in from t of the Stamford). This cake was inspired by folds of fabric- and has been surprisingly popular! Often being likened to a rose!

I delivered the cake- said a quick hello to the new coordinator- Andy- and was off in record time!
I am there again this weekend- so hopefully I can make the cake my last delivery- so I have time for a chat!

Last but but not least was another cupcake tower- over at Snug Harbour!
I am lucky enough to often go to Snug Harbour- but this was my first time delivering a cake for the Garden Room! A fabulous split level room- that oozed warmth and intimacy!

These cupcakes had pink and silver heart decorations- and a cute personalised bridal couple!
This week is another long weekend of deliveries.

On another note- I only have 3 weekends of availability left until the end of the year- 6th 13th and the 20th December. So unfortunately if you are after a cake before these dates- I am fully booked.
I have been booked right through November for a while now- and am sorry to say that I cannot squeeze another cake in!
Please remember that I do take bookings 11 months out form your event date- so if you are wanting a cake- you have plenty of time to book the date and confirm the design later on!

With all of these cakes to do- I had better get back to it then.................. ;)


Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Dear Sarah Jane
I was awe struck by the dispaly of your cakes..they have very nice visual appeal and are very neat.

The Cake Maker said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I have to say I am a huge fan of your 'mummy' cake... but I'd really like to tuck into that huge chocolate box cake... fabulous work another week of stunners!