Sunday, 24 February 2008

White Wedding....

This week I have had so many great cakes to make- it is really hard to choose favourites.
I am starting with this entry- about the "white" cakes I made this week.
For those of you who read this blog- will probably know that I have a sneaky favouritism to "traditional" designs. Don't get me wrong- I love creating all sorts of bold and fun designs- but reflectively when I wish I could have my wedding again (500 times over!) these are the sort of designs I would choose.

First of all is this delicate two tier design. The inspiration was taken from a bridal magazine- the cake- iced in Ivory with pure white decorations- looked timeless. Fine piped clusters of dots trailed from beneath the clusters of Orchids.

The next cake had me a little anxious- not the design itself- but the fact that the clients were transporting all 65cm of this cake to Versace- on their own!! This cake has 5 cakes inside- a double layer of fruit cake on the base- with a single layer of White raspberry in the middle- and a double layer of chocolate on the top. The base and the top tier have a five petal flower- brush embroidery details, with lustered center pearls. All white lilies and white tuille fill the top tier.
I myself stress every time I transport a 5 tier cake- and I deliver cakes every week- so it was only natural that I held my breath whilst the clients took this cake on their own. With careful instructions and tight packaging- I am relieved to say- this cake arrived safely! Phew!

My final "White" design of the week- couldn't have suited the room better. On Brisbane's hottest day this year (39 degC when I delivered this cake) the room was dressed in a crisp white and silver theme- reminiscent of a winter wonderland. With feathers being a theme that flowed throughout the event- a spray of white Ostrich feathers emerged from the top. Each cupcake was baked into a silver paper, iced in soft peak royal icing- then sprinkled with mixed sized cachous.

With the lights dimmed at the venue- getting a shot that did the cake justice was very hard.

Can you understand now why I find it so hard not to love every design I make!

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