Monday, 18 February 2008

Sincere apologies

Unfortunately due to an issue with Optusnet- I am unable to respond to any hotmail addresses.
I can still read your emails- however- unless you have provided a telephone contact number- within the email- I am unable to respond, until this issue has been resolved.
Please note that this is an ongoing problem that started over a week ago- and I have over 100 emails that have been returned to me.
I apologise for not being able to respond at present- however this situation is out of my hands.
I welcome you to either forward alternate contact details, or call me on 0404 388 219 and speak to me in person.

To all my past present and future clients- I thank you for your patience and understanding whilst this matter is resolved.

1 comment:

Sarah-Jane said...

Hotmail access is back to normal- thank you for your patience whilst this issue was resolved.