Saturday, 14 April 2007

Record Week

OK, so with so many cakes this week, I couldn't possible choose just one! For the past few weeks I have been having sleepless nights planning how I was going to manage all my cakes this week. I am glad to say- I had need not worried- as it all just fell into place.

I am lucky enough to have a great support team- that regularly swings into action to make sure Cake That! is a success!
My Mum along with my baby sister- Alex- gave up a few days of her holidays to help me get it all done!

Today we left the house in two teams ready to deliver the multitude of cakes on order this week. Steven and I in one car traveled through the CBD Across to Cleveland then over to Mt Gravatt, While my mum and Aunt delivered some more in the CBD for me!

Every cake was so different this week. I love how refreshed I feel when each design I have to create has its own special twist. This week was one of those weeks where I thought " If I was getting married again- I would choose that cake!" I especially loved the white and green design. Both with and without the flowers this cake was elegant and classical.

My house smelt like a Cupcakery- with 4 Cupcake trees on order it was hard to resist the temptation to not bake more cupcakes for us all to eat!

I also got to see a couple of Venues that I hadn't had the chance to deliver to before. The Grand view Hotel at Cleveland- is exactly that. One of todays couples were holding their reception in a Marquee out the back overlooking the bay. The smell of the fresh sea air and the beauty of the set up was a perfect match. ( Oh and Of Course the gorgeous cake that was chosen by them too ;)

All in all with only one lonley cake left to be finished by tomorrow- I am glad I am not this busy every week. I am looking forward to Next week now- and to start all over again!

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