Sunday, 22 April 2007

Cartoon Couple Mania

This week posted a major challenge- along with my usual amount of stunning wedding cakes I had to bake, decorate and deliver- it was also my wonderful mum's 50th Birthday.

This week was a week of great couples thinking alike- or being fashionably alike? Anyway 1/2 of my cakes this week were topped with the gorgeous personalized cartoon toppers. From a sporty dumb bell carrying bride, with her surfer husband, to crystal encrusted mini bridal gowns and fashion up styles- this week covered it all.

Saturday was an especially busy day- with my usual appointments, cake deliveries, with the added fun of organizing my Mum's 50th Party!! I also ran into a chef I use to work for at one of the venues- which is always great!- but for those who have met me will realize that I do like to chat- something I definitely didn't have time for on Saturday!

So after the Official "Cake That!" business was done for the day- I had my chance to repay my mum for all the help she gives me each week with my cakes.
I had organized a party with a Middle Eastern theme- complete with a designer airbrushed cake design. I created a cake, with a double barrel base and a single top tier- I then airbrushed the cake from a deep violet colour through to a rose pink. I piped a "Middle Eastern" style design on the sides of the base- which I made silver- and if i do say the overall product looked fantastic. You can see a full shot of the design in Special event Cakes- on my website. Before we cut the cake my sister and I surprised our mum with a Belly dancer- to complete the theme!

Mum Cutting through her cake!

For those of you wondering what the inside of a double barrel design looks like- here is a quick shot I took whilst cutting up the cake.

There is a board in between each layer, then the cake is iced as one. So once you cut through the top part of the cake- the board is simply removed, and you can then make your way through the base!

So this week I am looking forward to the great designs I have on order ( including a gorgeous pregnant bride topper!)

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