Monday, 8 October 2012

Times are a Changin'

Looking back through images from this year so far- I am constantly delighted seeing the fabulous cakes my clients have chosen for me to make.
It is like seeing them finished for the first time all over again.

It has been a big year of changes here at Cake That!- After a long break over the end of last year and the beginning of this year- I slowly moved back into caking. Making some fantastic cakes for some truly wonderful people.
All the while readjusting this business to what it was born to be- a job that was here to keep me creatively excited- not one to make me a millionaire- but one to let me have a life and a lifestyle that I was proud of. Taking on a more relaxed tone- and having more fun, letting go of stress and just being me :D
I recently launched the new updated website- which features the style of cakes that inspire me. Hopefully you love the new sections as much as I do. Choosing which cakes to include was a very hard task- getting the right balance of my all time favourites, along with those that catch the ever savvy clients eye didn't happen overnight..........well it happened over around 100 nights- lets be honest hahhaha- it was a project that I wished could have been completed faster- but got there in the end (still getting there- Fingers crossed the Real weddings/Testimonials section will be completed by the end of the month)
The Facebook page is nearing 5000 "likers" which in itself blows my mind. Whilst this may be small numbers to some other well known companies- to me this is enormous- close to 5000 people have taken the time to click "like" on my page- so a HUGE Thank you to them. Not only does it seem that you like the page- I am also getting some great feedback through there too. Don't be shy in leaving a comment - or leaving a message- I appreciate it all.
So if you have been patient enough to sit through this blog intro- I had better not disappoint you with the cakes I am about to feature- Right?
So here we go :

After my long break The first cab off the rank was filled with fun!
In the Cake That! colours too! This three tier Mad Hatter for Emily and Jake was the confidence I needed to prove I could still do it (cake making that is) - I hadn't forgotten what to do- my Cake Brain still functioned- Yippee!
 This Hot Pink and Black Themed cake had "Helter Skelter" stripes on the top tier- which looked even more wicked on real life- Heart print over the middle and Varied stripes on the base. Instead of leaving the silver paper covered board- I iced it silver- to give it a clean finish.
A cake this bold definitely a talking point.

It was not long after the cake above- that I was contacted by an old (not in age but more of a Cherished way) client- who wanted a surprise birthday cake for her husband.
Now this couple are one that I will NEVER forget- they definitely hold a little piece of my Cake That! heart. The most genuine and appreciative couple- they ventured well outside the lines of tradition with thier "Super Mario" wedding cake. They trusted me way back then to make a cake  Uniquely them.
This time around it was another cake that held special meaning.
Athene wanted to surprise Wade with a Companion Cube- What is a Companion Cube you ask?? Actually I have virtually no idea- I know it is from a computer game- and it looks like fun- but I am sure those in "the know" will know and appreciate what it is/does- along with the suitably quirky message that was on the board.
From all reports it was very well received- mission accomplished :D

It seems that Hot pink and Black were in this year.
The next cupcake tower kept it simple and classy.
Black papers- alternating tiers of Hot pink and Black Hearts, all topped off with a cute couple.
 Making the little sugar dresses and cool hairdo's really are a big highlight to me once finished.

Obviously I was on a lean the day the next lot of shots were taken- geeeez!
Some New Display cakes were in order for the Studio (actually more new ones are on the agenda at the moment)- so I sat down and drew some out- then put them together.
I like to have a bit of fun with the displays- and it has certainly seemed to inspire clients- who get to see both the size and the decoration close up.

While most couples who opt for custom toppers have them sitting or standing nicely together- I felt this whimsical extended height three tier cake needed a bit of a twist. I put the spotlight on the bride here- having her sit daintily on the top edge- looking most bridal- all the while her groom is lying behind her- giving the "Thumbs up" and a wave! I also gave him red hair too- Cheeky monkey groom lol

 And whilst it may be hard to recognise- the "dots" on the cake are Ivory on a white cake. I did this not only to add a little depth- but also to be able to demonstrate to subtly between the two shades of fondant. Yes eh Ivory will seem a tad darker en mass- but essentially it is just offwhite.

Fluffyness is very "IN" at the moment. It seems I was ahead of my time with the Mummy cake from 2005 hahahhah- anywho- I had drawn up a Pale pink Ombre ruffle design- and as great minds think alike- even though we hadn't spoken at all about displays- my great friend and colleague Amanda from Deliberately Delicious- posted a picture of a brand new Purple Ombre Ruffle cake just as I was about to begin my original Pink one. Not one to cut someone else's grass- I mad a quick change to this pretty all white fluffy flower design instead.
 The simple drop scallop piping and pearl detail along the top edge adds to this delicate and lovely design.

The next cake is a twost on one that I do adore.
The Ivory version of this cake was my Facebook Profile pic for a while (It is now replaced)- but with teh ever growing trend in Pearl finishes and dusty hues- I chose to make a dusty pink pearl finish cake with Ivory lace overlay.
Bold Vintage is what I will call it.
It kind of looks brownish in this pic - but it is like a dark tea rose in real life.

Inspiration for display cakes is constantly popping into my head- if only I could just play making cakes all day- I would need a new studio to display them all.

Well that is all for now- if you haven't already done so- head on over to the new website and have a look! I hope you love it- and it is mobile too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more only being able to view it on a PC YAY!

Thanks for reading
SJ xx

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