Saturday, 27 October 2012

Midway through March

 Anyone who knows me personally will know that my family and friends mean the world to me. I am a sucker for making them smile, and it brings me nothing but joy to be able to create a little slice of sugar for them.
This year I have been able to create some really special cakes for Family and Friends- in amongst my Fantastic Client cakes (Fantastic Clients- choosing equally fantastic cakes that is :D )
I sometimes begin to think I do my best work when under the pump. I am the first to admit that while the ideas swell around in my head- putting them into action is commonly a last minute process- as the "real cakes" come first.
My Cousin Immy Turned 21 earlier this year. Immy is cool- she is the epitome of "chillaxed"- nothing bothers her- she is a "yeah- whatever you like" kind of girl. It wasn't the fact of whether or not she would like her cake that had me in a fluster- it was choosing a design and finishing it with the attention to detail it deserved that had me running around like a mad woman! lol!

For Immy's birthday- she was getting a Swag- for those of you playing at home- this is a waterproof bed/sleeping bag for camping- normally made from a heavy canvas with leather and all rolls up ready to be carried to your next camping spot underneath the stars.
So being time poor and wanting maximum effect from the design, I decided to go with a Swag shaped cake and personalised figure. 

A little guitar playing figure to be exact! Complete with Checked shirt- jeans- freckled nose and barefoot!

 Cute! I hope  that Immy is enjoying her year as a 21yr old- oh how some of us wish we could be that age again hahahah

The next cake off the blocks is a cake that I have made allot of variations of.
This one has a striped overlay top and base and a large satin bow in the middle tier.

Fresh flowers were added at the venue to complete the cake.

The next cake has a wonderful pop of colour. It is Whimsical and elegant all rolled into one.
This cake was made for clients whom I have had the pleasure of creating a few cakes for now- for both themselves and their family. It was absolutely lovely to be able to create their Wedding cake too!

The cake featured a Cherry blossom style branch that wound up the front- with blossoms in shades of Tangerine and Ivory.

 Even though the blossoms and branch weren't "fine" they still looked delicate and carried the elegance of the evening.

Katie and Ben wanted to personalise the cake with a set of figures for the top- which themselves were kitted out with a Nurse's watch and stethoscope- and an Electricians tool belt :D
Very Sweet indeed.

 My next bride was super crafty! She made these fabulous Monogram toppers to match in with the wedding invite paper- very cool indeed!
Another bold popping cake- with black and white- then the bottom layer in Fire engine Red!

 To be truthful- it wasn't until I finished putting this cake together that I was convinced that it actually "worked"- Yes I surprise myself sometimes hahahahha

The last cake for this blog post was also for a returning client.
I had made Chloe's 21st Cake and this time I was getting to make her wedding cake :D

Complete with Figurines supplied by Chloe- this traditional three tier with piping detail over the tiers- draped icing and sugar roses- sat beautifully in their reception room at Victoria Park.

So that is another Blog post done and Dusted!
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Lucie said...

your cakes are so beautiful. I love all of them

Brisbane wedding hair said...

Always amazed by what people can create to decorate their cakes. Often feels a sin to actually eat them...

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