Saturday, 13 October 2012

Beaming with Pride

 It is no secret that my family are a massive part of my life. I am blessed to have close relationships, that are more like friendships than one that you have been born into.

My two sister's are Amazing people- whilst from the outside they may seem vastly different, they may have a big age gap- but both of them have hearts of gold and would do anything for anyone- including me :D
They are both often on hand to help out with my business and for nothing more than the satisfaction that they have made my job that little bit easier, and to see me succeed.
I am a sucker for celebrating my friends and family. So when my sister Kate asked if I could do her a favour I jumped at the chance!

Since her Uni days , Kate has given Blood to the Australian Red Cross Service. This act is purely a volunteered donation and one of which is not done nearly enough in society. I myself don't donate- I know I should, but for many years my extreme fear of needles meant this would turn more into a circus at the blood bank rather than the calm process it needs to be.

So thank goodness for people like my sister- who very regularly donates (I believe Kate donates Plasma each fortnight? and whole blood whenever you are able to do that) and despite having lived overseas and travelling in and out- seems to make time to do this.
In late February she reached her 100 donation Milestone! But it wasn't herself she wanted to treat. She wanted to give the lovely staff at the Brisbane City Blood Bank a gift- and asked if I could please make a cake to take to them to say "Thank You" for all the hard work they do with all of the wonderful donors.
She is simply too lovely! So with the design in mind- I set out to create a such a cake!
I remembered from my childhood that the Blood bank use to have a little blood drop mascot- so this was to be my inspiration :)
I now know that he has a name- Billy the Blood drop- and he is way cute!
A glistening red blood drop mascot and some cute Red Cross Mini cupcakes and we were set!
Kate Surprised the staff with the cake on her 100th Donation day! Whilst they are most thankful to her- she was equally as thankful to them.
It was my absolute pleasure to be able to create such a cake for such a worthy service- and of course to celebrate the wonderful achievement of my sister. Roll on 150 donations!!

To donate Blood Call the Australian Red Cross Blood Service on 13 14 95
Or Visit their website! Even if you are are unable to donate blood yourself- there are other ways to help out too.
Donating Blood Saves Lives :)

Follow The Blood Service on Facebook

 So congratulations Kate! You do a fantastic thing :)

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