Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Something Berry Special indeed!

With "Wedding Season"  in full swing- I was Guaranteed to have some amazing clients choosing equally wonderful cakes. 
Every week I feel honoured to be able to supply such a significant cake for such a monumental occasion in peoples lives.
I cannot even free my mind once the last cake is delivered- as I begin to think that- ohhh perhaps the  Bride and Groom are cutting their cake now??????? 
I often feel quite overwhelmed thinking about how many people may potentially eat a piece of my cake on any given weekend- in peak season it can often be 1000 or more :-O

This Second week in September had me not only delivering far and wide- but also sending cakes out to events in SEQ once again.

The first design  took a trip over to Stradbroke Island- This Classic Two tier cake- complete with sugar roses, and enhanced by my new  silver cake stand.
The top tier had a full dome of roses and green leaves.

The base tier had a striped overlay- which was hand painted pearl- as well as piped icing pearls- also finished with the pearl effect.
 I love how the stand adds and element of Grandeur- to what would generally be a classic and elegant two tier design.

I sent a similar version of the same design to Mt Tambourine on that same weekend- and the subtle differences in the design really change the look of the cake entirely.
Fresh flowers were added at the venue by the clients to complete the cake.  


Some past clients had referred the Mt Tambourine clients to me- and it was lovely to see them again when they came to collect the cake and take it to the wedding.
Purple colouring is very popular at the moment- as well as black and white designs too.

An old school friend had a baby this year- I was blesses to make Lena and Brett's Wedding cake back in April 2009- so it was my pleasure to create a pretty Christening cake for their newborn daughter Ruby Jane. Due to my big Delivery run I was unable to personally attend the christening in Kingaroy- but thankfully Lena's aunt lives in the next suburb to me and took the cake up with her. 

 The design itself was inspired by my cake friend Kelly- who has a business in Ireland (Crafty Confections). Her cakes are A- MAZING! Sensational work! I had seen the Blossom Cross on one of her cakes and thought it so beautiful I "borrowed" the idea and expanded the design for Ruby's cake. 

 A pretty Pink Teddy with a sleeping brown teddy sat on top- so cute!
Sugar blossoms banded the base of each tier- whimsically trailing around the base.
It isn't often that I get to make Christening cakes- and with free range to create- this pretty two tier design is a nice mix of pretty and practical- definitely not anything OTT.

Referrals form a big part of how clients find out about me- and I truly value and appreciate that.
The next clients had been referred to me through my (recently married) Sister in Law Alison.

A variation of a design I had done a few years back- complete with fresh roses supplied by the couple.
The roses were like nothing I had seen before- Pinky/Purple variegated almost. Very beautiful.
I delivered this cake to The Landing at Dockside- where the night time riverside reception was being held.

Brisbane has many great riverside venues- my next stop was no exception.
I headed over to Brett's Wharf to set up this Three tier Swarovski Pearl Design.   

Over 8 Meters of hand strung Swarovski Pearls wound around the tiers of this cake.
I had split the line into three sections- enough to wind around each tier 5-6 times. Then I sat patiently for a few hours "randomly" stringing the beads and securing them along the line- hoping that once wound around the cake that the "random" pattern would still be evident.  

The cake itself was iced in a pale pink- then shades of pink and Ivory pearls in varying sizes wound around the design. Some Sugar pearls also sat across the cake.
The Swarovski pearls will make a lovely keepsake bracelet/necklace combo too!

After the riverside deliveries were done- it was back into the city to the United Services club.
This three tier White design featured a different pattern on each tier.
The Bride was placing some fresh natives between the layers herself later that day.  

Fingers crossed I get to see a picture of cake all set up with the fresh natives- I can only imagine how good it would have looked.

Next it was over to Boulevard Gardens- where I once again had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Glenda Pradella.  

Glenda arrived after I did and once again arranged some fresh flowers across the cake tiers. 

I had another fave florist to work with that weekend- the beautiful Jennine from Florabella  

She arranged these beautiful pink roses on a classy two tier cake for the Emporium on the Sunday.
The talented Miranda Greer was the photog for the day- and I look forward to seeing the pics soon too!

I hate to have favorites but the cake I have left until last definitely holds a piece of my heart.
I met the fabulous Bob and Ash earlier this year- they were very clear on the type of cake they wanted for their wedding- and I was only too willing to help them achieve their dream cake.

Nice doesn't even begin to describe Bob and Ash- they were so warm and friendly- I felt like I had known them for a while once their consult had finished.
A truly personal wedding- and from their images I have seen already - looks like one hell of a memorable day!
I don't know who was more excited about this cake- I couldn't wait to have a go at making my very first Kombi- and doing Bob and Ash Proud was high on my agenda.
I am blessed to see allot of wedding set ups- but when clients really take the next step and create such a unique day- totally inspired by their personalities and love- I would be nothing but grateful to be able to share it with you all too!
I have asked Ash to Guest Blog her entire wedding for me- so fingers crossed I can share that all with you soon.
So here is the Kombi Cake- a variation on one of Bob and Ash's beloved V-Dubs!

Such a cool cake wouldn't be complete without these AWESOME custom toppers Ash Sourced off the net.

Totally Fabulous!
So a huge Thank you to Bob and Ash for having faith in me to create the Kombi cake! It was a fabulous challenge and I felt really privileged to have been able to make this special cake for your Wedding Day. I am looking forward to Ash's blog - where you will all be able to share in her and Bob's beautiful wedding day.

Before Ash and Bob I had never asked my clients to share their day with my readers before- but I am open to any of my Past Present or Future clients submitting a guest blog about their wedding day- and getting it out on the WWW.

So for the second week in September- That is a wrap!
Thanks for reading

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