Sunday, 31 October 2010

When it Rains it Pours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The tittle of this blog post is not just an analogy - it was an actual fact of the week ending 10/10/10.
More couples chose this weekend to get married than any other weekend thus far. I turned away so many clients- I began to wonder if there were 10 of me how many cakes I could have actually done LOL!
The lucky folk who got a "Cake That!" cake on this particular weekend were well organised- ordering over 7 months in advance just to secure the date.
I still had calls up to 2 weeks before the date asking if I had a spare spot- the softie in me was tempted to help out these poor couples who were finding themselves without cake- but reality was I was F. U. L. L.  Full!! as were my many fellow decorators- together we politely offered each others names as possibly being able to make a cake on said weekend- but were honest in also letting the late inquirers know that their best bet would be a chain bakery.

This weekend was a date I was looking forward to in my Calender. It would mark the end of the daily inquiries for cakes on this weekend- and also it would mean I got to do some cakes I was super excited about!!!

First up was a a cake collected and taken out to Mt Mee's Ocean View Estates.
I have done a fair amount of cakes for this venue- but in all honesty have NEVER personally delivered a cake there yet- not because I don't want too- but it seems that all of the clients choose to collect for this particular venue.
A three tier dark chocolate creation softened by baby pink ribbon around each tier- Chocolate lovers delight for sure!  


Saturday had me doing a close CBD run- Headed first to Moda (formerly Gianni's) in the city to deliver this fabulous cake!
A Whimsical interpretation of the couples invitation paper decorating the actual tiers- with a cute- ultra custom- set of cartoon toppers on top.
The Groom SPECIFICALLY requested to be dressed as Batman- yep Batman! and it turned out pretty cool- in my opinion!  

I couldn't have Batman just  standing there on the top- he needed to be posing- didn't he?? LOL! Like a KaPow!! sort of move don't you think??? Cute as anyway!

The Bride and groom were such a lovely couple- so friendly and just plain fun.
The cake was iced in a very pale pink fondant ( matching the invites) and then a combination of applique piping and hand painting were used to create a whimsical interpretation of the invite print.  


Tiny details like two little rabbits were in amongst the decoration too.
I could have played with the decoration on this cake for ages- it was a real pleasure to see the cake evolve as the different decorating elements all came together to create a truly unique design.  

The super soft pink and Navy colour scheme worked beautifully together too.

It was pretty much all about having totally fabulous couples on this weekend.
My next couple had their wedding at a private property out at Munruben.
I was delighted to be able to supply a cupcake tower for their wedding.

 When I make the cartoon toppers- I like to get as much detail as possible.
I was so excited when I saw that the Bride had a black and white gown- it was so pretty- and most of all not the usual white or Ivory!
Each cupcake was decorated with a piping detail which was taken from the embroidery on the brides gown.
The black red and white theme resonated in the cupcakes too- black papers with either Red velvet or Berry swirl flavour inside.

My Love of all things monochromatic was satisfied on this weekend too!
A four twisted tier cake- wrapped in icing with a large pearl white bow on top- pretty as a picture!  

The texture of the wrapped icing and the soft pearl finish to the bow came together to create a very elegant contemporary design indeed.

The next cake was all about the bling!
The beautiful Clodagh supplied her own crystal toppers for this cake.
Diamantes around the base- in the quilting and on the topper and initials- it was certainly Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle!
The couple even had a Mirror made up to display the cake on for added shine.

 This was such a wet week- non stop rain- 99% humidity- but lowish temperatures- meant there was a huge load on my dry air con system. I used so much CMC to make sure everything stayed set- and even that didn't help once I took the cakes out of the "cake room". Weather can really suck when you are making cakes- whilst it may be OK in the confines of the decorating room- the second you move the cake into ambient temperature and humidity everything can go pear shaped.

For the second time only on my decorating career- I had to call a bride to see if I could alter her cake design slightly- to suit the weather. I had exhausted every option to create the original ordered design- and my very last resort was to call her and see if what I needed to do was OK. Well I need not have gotten myself into such a twist- as the beautiful bride was all too understanding.
The cake she ordered had royal icing fine piped butterflies- and with the weather they just kept melting :(( So I needed to swap the butterflies for a more solid version.... and then even these didn't have the "flight" that you would normally get  when it hasn't rained for a week straight!

Thank you so much Alecia for understanding about the butterflies- and for choosing such and awesome black and white design.
I feel like I am repeating myself in this post about how Fabulous my couples for this weekend were- but seriously they all were. Really friendly genuine people - who appreciated the product and service that you have to offer.
The next couple chose the Toowong Rowing Club as their venue- A beautiful riverside ceremony and reception venue tucked away at St Lucia.
 Chocolate Chocolate and more Chocolate! This couple wanted a cake that you looked at and just wanted to eat! I hope your guests enjoyed the cake- and that no one stole any curls before the cutting LOL!

 I delivered to some top scenic venues that weekend- unfortunately though the weather spoiled what views were normally on offer.
I was up at the Summit Mt Cootha- and you could not see the road in front of the restaurant- let alone the city and SEQ views- for all the heavy cloud and rainfall that day. Such a shame that nature didn't shine on Brisbane on 10/10/10 an auspicious and lucky date in the calender.
I set up a "Singapore Rose" cupcake tower- delicate fresh spray roses decorated this tower of cupcakes.  

It was from one Mountain top to another- my next stop was to Ruffles Lodge at Willow Vale.
This place is just MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!! Recently re-branded as a Peppers- Gorgeous is just an understatement. The soaking rains and heavy cloud couldn't put a dampener on this stunning intimate venue.
I actually had the pleasure of sending another cake to Ruffles yesterday- where I got to see the panoramic views on a crystal clear day- breathtaking!
Not only is the venue uber luxurious- the staff are warm friendly and very accommodating. I may have even mentioned to my husband that perhaps a weekend away for my Birthday in December could be a reason to stay???? We will see though ;)

So while at this magnificent venue I got to set up a cute as cupcake tower too.
It is not often that I get to make children toppers to go with the bridal couple- so that in itself was allot of fun.

 A soft cocoa latte and cream colour palette- along with natural greens and red birds all combined to create this cake tower.

The children toppers sat in amongst the cupcakes on a shelf of the stand- the toppers kind of reminded me of the kids on the Cadbury chocolate advert.
 The Brides gown was one of the prettiest dresses I have ever seen. I am going to blame the bad light from the wet weather for not getting a great shot of this cake- I really wanted to share with you all how pretty her little dress was. Layers of soft latte coloured chiffon ruffled together to form a skirt- with a wrapped lace and satin bodice- stunning couture, pretty elegance.

Well that was the 10/10/10 weekend! A bundle of fantastic cake designs chosen by equally fabulous clients. I couldn't do it without you all!

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Congratulations to all of my couples from this weekend in October- Best wishes for the year ahead!
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