Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Joel and Ally's Fabulous Wedding! Part 1

For those of you who are regular readers- you will probably have realised that I have two Wonderful sisters- and Two Fantastic Sister in Law's. Now neither of my sisters are anywhere near ready for marriage- but my gorgeous Sister in Law Alison- and her long time partner Joel- very recently got married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I was SOOOOOOOO Excited- seriously - this was the closest I was going to get to a sister getting married anytime soon.
Alison is more than Lovely- she is kind and softly spoken- a beautiful sister in law and a wonderful friend. Her Partner Joel is just as lovely. He too is a gentle and kind man- with a very wicked sense of humour too! I kind of felt bad ( amongst my squeal out loud excitement) when Alison called to tell me the engagement news- as only the week before I had introduced Joel to one of my cousins as Alison's husband- albeit a tongue in cheek remark due to the longevity of their relationship- and here I was blissfully unaware that Joel had been planning on popping the question for a while. Anyway- once Joel and Ally were engaged it was full steam ahead with the wedding plans.

After their Engagement party in January- the wedding plans rolled out- and before long August had come around- and it was almost the Wedding Day!

I was eager to make Alison's "Bridal" experience as full as it could be- and after chatting with her Bridesmaids- decided that it was OK to host a surprise Bridal Shower for Alison. Now Alison already had a Hen's night- a sensational dinner and a few drinks- organised by her Bridesmaids- but really- you are only going to be a bride once- in my opinion- so you may as well have a shower tea too? Shouldn't you??
So after working out dates and times with the Bridesmaids- and sorting out a cheeky way of getting Alison there- all was in full swing for a high tea shower.

I Love to give high tea's- and to be able to make one for Alison for her Bridal shower was extra special.
Gorgeous little treats to eat - divine finger sandwiches- and of course Games ( thanks Caroline!)
The table was set with a little tea pot cookie place card for each guest.


A Selection of Finger sandwiches- Quiches and more!
Some of the sweet items included:
Mini Vanilla Cupcakes
Bake Citrus Cheesecakes with Pistachio Persian Fairy Floss
Berry Tartlets
White Chocolate Rocky Road
Gluten free White chocolate Macadamia slice
Mocha Fudge Brownie
Caramel Slice
and some really cute Mini Three tier Wedding cake Biscuits!

There was a definite high risk of instant diabetic coma with all of this sugar.

I am happy to say that it was a HUGE Surprise for Alison- she was clearly shocked- and genuinely surprised.
Her Bridesmaids had arranged a photo album with a collection of images of Alison and her family and friends together- with hand written messages of love and best wishes. A great idea- and a lovely keepsake.

There was a few Bridal shower games organised- it is amazing how much fun it is!
One of the games was a "shower cap" game- where we fashioned up a blue shower cap- complete with a bit of Lace, Ribbon and Tulle (making it totally bridal and all LOL)
and who ever said the word "wedding" had to wear it. 
Well the stunning little Scarlett was the proud wearer of the cap- as the adults were a bit too savvy to be caught out with that one.

A lovely group of ladies enjoying a fun high tea together! 

Once again- I think I slightly over catered- thank goodness for take home goodie bags though.... to share with the men who weren't invited?????? maybe....
My Two Sister in Law's and My two Nieces- after a great afternoon!

So with all of the pre wedding activities out of the way- it was full steam ahead to the wedding itself!............
Stay Tuned for Part 2!
Thanks for reading


Michele said...

Just gorgeous Sarah-Jane. Wish you were my sister in law. I didn't get a bridal shower when I was married. I am having a baby soon so maybe you can style and cater a baby shower for me ;-)

Sarah-Jane said...

Thanks Michelle!
I am lucky to have such a fabulous sister in law- who doesn't mind my OTT cakes and things too!
I would love to create a baby shower cake for you too!