Saturday, 11 September 2010

Capturing the Essence......

Making your "fit" your event is a huge part of my job.
Many of my clients are quite taken back at how many questions I ask them in regards to their choice of colours themes and decorations. If you choose a  cake that bears no resemblance to the occasion it is made for- then in my opinion- that is not money very well spent.
If you want a cake for the sake of a cake there are plenty of generic bakeries out there who can send you off with a round cake smothered in a delicious icing with a few chocolate curls here - a cake which won't leave an impact on your guests-  really if this is all you need a cake for,  then getting a "custom made" design is a totally different thing all together.

I often here people's jaw drop when they call up asking for cake pricing ( mostly for  kids birthdays) as I believe that really they have not much idea about what goes into making and creating a WOW Cake for your event. I mean- if the only "special" cake you have ever purchased is the Treasure Mud cake from The Cheesecake shop- where you have forked out an extra $15 or so dollars on top of the cost of the generic cakes- then yes- you are in for a big surprise when ordering a custom cake.

I am not saying that Customised designs need to be out of reach for most- but you will get what you pay for. If you want a design tailored to your needs- and say serving 80 odd guests as dessert- then the pricing expectation of this style of Boutique service should equate to more than the $5.95 for a piece of cake you would pay at a cafe.
Most of my clients are surprised at how reasonable the cake costings are- not only are they getting a beautiful dessert- but they are getting  a Sensational Centerpiece for their Function. Something for people to Ooh and Ahh over- and lots of "WOW- its too pretty to cut!".
It takes allot of time and practise to develop skills and learn techniques to be a good decorator, you put your heart and soul into the cakes- because you are so proud of the finished product- and you want your clients and their guest to feel that too.
So when I sit down with my clients - I want to learn a little about them- and their function so I can really capture the essence of their event- and turn it into a fantastic cake!

The first design of the week was for a Beautiful couple. SO lovely- I mean really want to make you bend over backwards and do anything for them wonderful.
Amy and Dan came to me after seeing my Invitation Print design. They had seen some painted cakes and loved the idea of using their invite as the feature for their cake.  
The cake was for their wedding at Mt Tambourine- and whilst not a traditional "white wedding" affair- it was one which was all about them and their love for each other.
The invite for the wedding was two branches meeting in the middle with Red Birds on it. This little motif was carried throughout the wedding- so it was only apt that it also featured on the cake.
No I am no artist- I do try-  but really I have to totally psych myself up anytime I paint onto cakes! 

So this design was a combination of hand painting ( with a 00 brush) and applique- with the birds.  

The top tier had the invitation "feature" and then across the design was smaller interpretations of the branch theme- with only a single bird on each one.


Simple and elegant- and completely fitting!

The next cake was also one which had a simplistic nature- but was everything about Style. 

A Four tier plain iced cake- with a striped Gross grain ribbon stylishly wrapped around the base of each tier.
There was no bow in the design- this was just me playing with the tad of left over ribbon- and unfortunately I have no shots without it (DOH)

A blemish free plain iced cake can look just as beautiful as a detailed design. This cake was for the Garden Marquee at Victoria Park- where the ceiling is Striped Black and white- and fit superbly with the cake itself.
The cake also sits on a Black iced board- which really helps the cake to stand proud.

I also had another cake on this weekend for Victoria Park- in the Big Marquee. If you haven't been to Vic Park since they renovated the Marquee- you should.
It is beautiful- with permanent doors and just all round really well set out design.


This Bride's theme was Pink and Black. A pale pink iced Extended height cake with a Damask Stencil- finished with sugar roses and Arum lilies and banded with Black satin.
Elegant- Grand - certainly providing "wow" in a room as bog as the Marquee.

I had another cake with Bec From Crystal Couture this weekend.
A three tier cake with Fresh roses and Tulips in amongst the layers- all finished off with a set of Crystal encrusted Monogram initials.

My flower wholesaler totally outdid themselves with these stunning roses and orange tulips! I was so excited when I collected them that I clapped! How embarrassing LOL! But I do love it when everything is simply perfect!

My sister Kate came with me to deliver this cake out to Glengariff- very lovely indeed.

I was all around the city this weekend- and managed to snag a nice easy park outside of Tattersalls to deliver this 4 tier Butter iced cake.
Now My flowers had been so right- there was certainly something that had to be not so right.. right??? 
recluster the gorgeous blooms and finish the cake exactly how it was intended.  


Some cake decorators may wash their hands of someone else's supplied decorations- but in the end your guests ask "Who made your cake?" not "Who supplied the flowers/topper and boy together it all looks fab!". Part and parcel of a days work really. 

My next stop was the Treasury Hotel.
What was a simple two tier ganache iced cake from me turned into a Magnificent Spring showpiece- with the addition of some glorious blooms from Shirley Baggaley of Baggaley's Florist. 


A pale yellow themed wedding- this ganache icing really worked in well. Ganache is far more yellow than Butter cream- so many brides opt for either a Whipped white ganache or butter cream instead. The yellow roses were picture perfect!

My last inner city stop was at the Royal on the Park- for another Beautiful couple.
Vas and  Billy were just gorgeous! They totally appreciated the work that goes into making a cake- and chose a classic design to suit their big reception.
Red roses over a cake decorated with icing swirls- everything romantic!

Last but not least was a "blank canvas" cake. The clients added their own fresh flowers later on- so I only have the image of the "base" model LOL! 

Having a cleanly finished cake to add some fresh blooms too- is a great way to have a timeless design that will be elegant amongst your settings- but still beautifully done.

So here's hoping that I did the job intended and created cake designs for all of my clients which totally suited their event.

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faithy, the baker said...

Gorgeous cakes!! You make elegant wedding cakes! I totally agree with you about the costing, when it's custom made, the cost is higher because the ingredients used are more expensive and also it's labor intensive as well!

Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

All lovely Sarah Jane, the birds on a branch was gorgeous. I can imagine people might be initially surprised at prices, but the ingredients and equipment really add up and when you add in all the time your spend to make such a lovely creations I sure most realise it's money well spent.