Sunday, 22 August 2010

Family month.....

Both of my sisters and both of my Niece's birthdays fall in August- and all within the first 2 weeks.
My Niece Scarlett Turned four this year- wow how time flies! She had a Mermaid and Pirate party- and low and behold just when it was time to take a piccie of the cake- the camera battery runs out!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have to get a copy from my SIL to share with you all.
The very next day was my baby sister Alex's Birthday. My other sister Kate had beaten her to a design element- which I will get to later- so Alex opted for  giant cupcake instead. I used some of the big silver smarties I got when I was in Melbourne to decorate... which has caused  Kate to shout "favouritism" when getting spenny decorations LOL!!! gotta love sibling rivalry.

Alex's giant cupcake also had mini matching cupcakes to go with it.
Inside the cake was Red velvet- so it looked really cool too!

Next up was Imogen- my newest niece! She turned 1 and had a Rubber Duck themed party- too cute indeed!

The invites had red polka dots on them so I gave the duck a party hat to match in with the colour theme.

We also added some white Marshmallows for "bubbles". Immy is such a cool little kid- so happy all the time!

Hello duck bill- I might just pull you off of there hehehehehe

My sister Kate is just under 2 years younger than me. When I was away in Thailand- she sent me an email asking for the Macaroon tower from Masterchef for her birthday- she got first dibs- as when I got home the first thing Alex asked for was the same cake. Sure they both could have had the same- but then I wouldn't have held the cake design power hahahhaha!
So Kate had the Macaroons on her list of requirements- then once I got home she "thought" I may want to make her the "V8" Masterchef cake- um no- a quick text message whilst the show was on assured her that there was no way she was getting that one LOL!

So Kate Being Kate- she decided to hold a 80's style 5th Birthday party this year (32 3+2) complete with all the old school treats and decorations... even games!
I had thought to whip out the old Womens Weekly Birthday cake book to choose something apt for the event- but I knew that the Macaroons were still a request. Having met the Beautiful Linda from Bubble and Sweet Blog during a Debbie Brown Workshop- I had just the fail proof Macaroon Recipe to use.
Dolly Varden cake was something I thought could certainly fit a 5th Birthday theme- but seeing as we are all over eating my cake- I mentioned to Kate that perhaps I could make her a cake with a difference???? She was totally up for it!
Kate had no idea that this was going to be the design- but she knew what was inside- so come party day it was all to be revealed!

Kate with her "mini me" sugar topper! Don't you just love the 80's ruffle top!
so what was inside..................

ROCKY ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YUM- Serious Yum! So much better than the chocolate cake we all eat week in week out!

So with Raspberry Macaroons stuck to the outside- and a Ganache coating this cake was a calorie monster indeed!
Our Dad LOVES Chocolate and when Kate was cutting the slices I mentioned that perhaps to cut them smaller- because it was so sweet- and my Dad pipes up and says "yeah cut it smaller- don't give it away- I want to take some home"  ahhh you would swear my family never got any sweet treats LOL!
 Kate with her "wedge" of Rocky Road! Diabetes anyone?

So that was August Family Birthday cakes covered....butthe biggest cake for Family is yet to come because this coming Saturday is my Sister in Law's WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So excited- I can't wait... so stay tuned for that blog!

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Cakes by Simone said...

OMG I so want some of that Rocky Road and raspberry Macaroons!!!

Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

Sarah Jane that is totally the coolest idea for a macaron tower I have ever seen. I luuuuuurrrvveee Rocky Road, I am nearly to speechless to compliment the other cakes in the post, but not quite. They all look great and those silver smarties are excellent. You find the best stuff.

Sarah-Jane said...

Thanks Ladies- and especially Linda for the recipe! you are a gem!
I can't wait for Xmas- to make a white Rocky road full sized Xmas tree like version!