Friday, 20 August 2010

2010 Semester 2 begins.....

After a short mid year break- I returned to work at a nice easy pace.
Working my way into wedding season in August.

I had some great July cakes to make.
Possibly my favourite cake from July was this Drum Kit cake made for a past wedding clients Birthday.
Two Drums- with the top drum turned on its side and the Birthday message- including the recipients name in the "pearl" drum font.

The cake was a surprise for Drew- who looked mighty happy when I delivered it!
Happy Birthday Drew- I hope you had a fabulous night!

I had a Ruby Wedding Anniversary cake too.
Organised by the couples Children- the daughter had arranged a ruby version of the "Blue Bling Butterfly" cake form my website.

Drapes and Crystals- very pretty indeed.
Being a "J" month means that I get to do allot more celebration cakes- rather than all weddings.
I had this variation of my "Mummy" cake for an engagement party.
I often feel really sad to not be able to help with engagement cakes- as often I am already booked out- so when I get the opportunity to make one- it is really special to me.
The newly engaged beautiful bride to be and her lovely mum came to meet with me before I went on Holidays ( and gave me some great BKK tips- thank you)
Pretty much undecided on what cake design they would like- I made a quote with a fair few ideas and let them go home and have a good think about it.
They decided on a two tier( extended tier) version of the Mummy cake. 

A pearl finish and red rose petals to complete the design.

Pearl finish on the cake made it sparkle.

I love it when I get to make cakes that fit in with invitations.
I would  like to think that the guests really notice that the cake matches in with the theme.
The invites for this next cake had lots of clusters of different sized and shades purple dots.

Fun and Funky!
The striped board gave added fun to this cake too.

It wasn't all celebration cakes in July.
I had a few weddings too!
I was freaked out to see that one week after the other I had the very same design- but with slightly different decorations. 

It goes to show how a little bit of colour can make the Ribbons and Roses design look very different indeed.

This variation to the Pearl lines design was also on order for a July wedding.

My first time back to the Stamford in a month or so too.
The last- but not least-  wedding cake for July is this Black and White version of the Skeleton leaves design
I painted/dyed the leaves black- and used the couples invitation and bomboniere ribbon to wrap around the cake.
This was delivered to the QLD Club- my first time there - and it is beautiful. From the lovely Thank you I received form the Bride and Groom- I can see that they too enjoyed the design as much as I did!

Congratulations to all of my couples and Happy Birthday to the Birthday Cake recipients!
Allot of Fab August cakes to come!

Thanks for reading


Cheryl said...

absolutely gorgeous work! I am a cake decorater in the US.... self taught and just happened upon your blog. I am always trying to be better at my craft amd you seriously inspire me.... I look forward to more of cake creations!

Sarah-Jane said...

Thanks Cheryl
I am glad you enjoy the blog!
I look forward to sharing more soon