Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Countdown..................

to both my holidays and the brilliant Debbie Brown's arrival was well and truly on this week of June. The final preparations for the workshops was getting in order- and my holiday was being finalised (more on that later) so I was super excited!
I had a cake this week that "In My Opinion" was just jaw dropping beautiful. The design itself was not my original- in fact it was adapted from a small magazine clipping- so unfortunately I do not even know who to credit for the inspiration. Not only had the bride chosen a great cake- she had also commissioned Sandee from Always Fabulous Flowers to look after all things Floral for the wedding! Destined to be an Enchanted wedding for sure!
So now that I have whet your appetite....... I think I will save my favourite of the week for last ;-P

I also had another V cool cake to do......... The Brilliant Toni Snell had me make her partner's birthday cake- A Monaro... pretty cool hey! 
Now I am blessed to get so many referrals from Toni- beautiful wedding cakes for her equally gorgeous brides- so when I got asked to make a car birthday cake I was certainly eager to have a crack! I was honest and upfront when I told Toni that I had very limited car cake making experience- but if she had faith that I could create some thing "car like" then of course I would love to give it a go!

Having  husband who is car mad- and who races scale model cars meant that I had my own personal critic to "help" me create the correct shape- detailing etc... albeit that he was still very critical and pointed out on numerous occasions where I could have improved- in the end I thought it looked pretty damn cool indeed! I finished the cake with  glaze to make it all shiny too!

 I can see where "perhaps" Steve was right and I could have made the cake a bit more realistic- but in the end it is a cake- Toni and Tony loved it so that is all that matters ;))
You can read all about the Birthday on Toni's Blog too!

With Debbie Brown in town the last weekend in June- I found it quite ironic that of all the cakes I have ever been asked to make- it was one of her designs that a client this particular week chose. If only Debbie was here a week earlier- then maybe she may have been able to give me a hand LOL!
This princess ballerina cake was made for Sofia's 4th Birthday.

Layers and layers and layers and layers of frilled icing all around this design.  A pretty Sugar Plum Fairy in her ballet position ( to which I have forgotten the name of... Bravo?????????????)  looking nothing but sweet on the board.
My worst Cake Wrecks Nightmare came to light when the birthday girls Dad came to collect the cake- and noticed that Sofia's name was incorrectly spelled! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the order on hand where it was written "Sophia" however this was never picked up earlier.... although my heart rate was sky high with panic- I took a deep breath- removed the "ph" and replaced it with an "f"- moved the "ia " closer and placed on a number 4 and Viola!!! Perfect finish!
So the moral of the story is when you peruse your order double check that every detail is correct... because what I have written down is what you will will get.
I suppose if that is my worst mistake to date it isn't all that bad in the end.

So with the panic over- it was off to deliver the cakes for the day!!!

It must have been birthday week (and the fact that there are fewer weddings in the "J" months) because I had a third birthday cake design to do for the week.
A Handbag cake in soft purple tones for this lovely ladies 40th!
Her wonderful husband came and met with me and did all of the ordering/designing to create a special cake for his wife- awwww how lovely!

I was really lucky to have two weddings almost around the corner from one another- which meant my delivery day was over by mid afternoon!
The first delivery went to the Sailing Club at West End.
The Bright and colourful theme wedding was reflected in the cake! A chocolate creation iced in a chocolate ganache and finished with bright coloured ribbons around the base looked very fitting indeed.

The rolled chocolate roses clustered across the design finished the cake of nicely.

So after the day of delivery and collections- it was off to deliver the grand baby of the week.
I am sure that the Bride thought I was hamming it up on the Friday when I was expressing my love for her cake over the phone- but indeed it really was. Love it Love it Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This two tier Extended height cake with a piping and applique fine detail was more than beautiful. Elegant and divine- with Ice pink open roses- with darker pink centers really looked smashing on this cake! I can imagine this design in a four tier too- it would look doubly grand and amazing... so if there are any brides out there who would love a bigger version- I am up for it for sure!

So by the end of this week in June I had managed to create a selection of wonderful client cakes- order for the workshops- and finally book in my holiday accommodation! I am certain my browser is thankful for the rest from Trip Advisor LOL!
 I cannot believe that August is upon us! Hasn't the year just been flying by!

Looking forward to sharing the end of June and the Debbie Brown workshops with you all soon
Thanks for reading

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