Friday, 11 June 2010

May Day May Day!

Each week my aim is to get a shot (I sometimes even fluke a great shot) of each and every cake I make for the week. This first week in May was one of those weeks where I managed to miss a few of my cakes- albeit because I didn't either  A: set the cake up at home and take a shot before delivery  or B: I did get a shot but it is so blurry that you could barely recognise what it is meant to be.

But the good news is that although I won't be able to show you each and every cake from this particular weekend- what I do have is pretty special indeed ;)

I will start with what looks to be a stylish simple design- that oozes elegance. This three tier cake is banded with a sugar black ribbon- and finished with fresh Antique roses ( Karen @Bliss Floral

This wedding cake was set up in Fix Restaurant- where my sister in law is soon to hold her wedding reception (oh excitement!!!!!) A stunning refurbishment has turned this restaurant into a warm romantic venue- A sleek contemporary transformation indeed!
What I love about this cake is its timelessness- when this happy couple look back in 20 years time on their wedding images- this sophisticated cake should still be vogue.

I had two cakes at Hillstone on the Saturday- this first one was a pretty cupcake tower for the rosewood room.
The second was my "Invitation print" design for the Grandview room.

This cake design has become really popular. Originally designed to match in with Amity invites invitations I have even had couples buy the invitations to match the cake.

I seemed to be delivering to my most favourite venues on this particular weekend... my next stop Customs House.
This Four tier cake had the tiers set in a slight spiral- with a band of cream icing with damask overlay- and a gun metal grey ribbon and diamante buckle- just like the invitations the bride and groom sent out.
A cute couple sat on top of this big cake.
The reception was held in the Long Room at Customs house- and this room- in my opinion- needs a big cake. A gorgeous domed roof and an architecturally divine space needs a large cake to make a presence.

I also had a cake over at Boulevarde Gardens on Sunday- where I was delighted to run into Linda from The Party Girls- she had set up the room for the same wedding I was delivering too.
  This three tier cake was banded with eucalyptus green ribbon and ivory pearls. Sugar tulips on top.

Last but not least was a cake that was sent out to Peppers Hiddenvale/Clovelly Estate Grandchester.
This cake was all about vintage. Gorgeous Champagne coloured icing overlaid with a delicate white royal icing stencil- pearls and Ivory sugar roses- and tiny crystals- so pretty!
Tiny Swarovski Bicone crystals and sugar pearls were in amongst the Ivory sugar roses.

Seeing that I am only up  to the first week in May I had better get a move on.. I cannot believe how behind in blogging I am LOL!!
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