Monday, 21 June 2010

Its up to you.............

New York...................... New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Yep I am a bit looney- but every time I see this cake I can't stop singing the song. One lucky lady was surprised with this awesome NY themed 40th Birthday cake! What a fabulous husband to organise - in my opinion- a pretty damn fabulous cake to celebrate your birthday. I was even contemplating dedicating an entire post to this cake. 

I get super excited when I am allowed a bit of creative license to come up with a final fun cake design. So with the NY theme I made little "icon's" for the top of each cupcake- I made a collective Icon top tier- with Silhouettes of the Sky Scrapers (inspired by a Pink Cake box design)- and a personalised topper draped in teh Statue of Liberty get up- holding a Big Brown Bag and a piece of Birthday cake- complete with an itti bitti birthday candle- modelled by my sister Kate! 

To say this cake took allot of time was an understatement- BUT - It was well worth the effort!
To decide a Favourite between the Red Apples- or the I (heart) NY buttons....... or the American Flags- made by layering heaps of super thin icing sheets would be just too hard. The gorgeous little Taxi's were modelled by my sister Alex- a collective family effort indeed!

The Cake was a success! So a Huge Happy 40th Birthday to Jacki!

Ok- the rest of the week I had some more awesome cakes- can you believe it- I have had such a brilliant run of amazing designs chosen by my clients that I pinch myself everyday- I am so grateful.

I had a return client this week- getting a Christening cake for her baby boy. I made her and her Husbands wedding cake a couple of years ago- and now they were celebrating a Christening.
A delicate single tier cake- with tiny blue tri dot detail over the entire tier- finished with a blue bear topper. Gorgeous!

I Loved the bear- he was super cute- his little rug underneath was simply made with my new smocking rolling pin- so effective indeed.
It wasn't all novelty cakes this week.
I had cakes all over SEQ. My fantastic Mum took this first wedding cake out to Glengariff- Fresh flowers by Karen from Bliss Floral

A smaller variation of my "chocolate twigs" design- stunning Honeymoon roses too!
While Mum was delivering to Dayboro- Stev headed into The Landing to Deliver this next cake. A soft and fresh two tier design with Pale pink roses.
Simple and pretty indeed.

I sent a cake out to Spicers Hiddenvale too! A lovely couple came and collected their cake- My Damask Blue design- which was altered to incorporate their Arum Lily wedding flowers- and also featured a piped monogram for the top tier.

I have a cake in my studio- that has been getting allot of attention of late- a wrapped design with a (what was one) black bow. So with the inclusion of the Bride and Grooms pet dogs- This cake looked magic at their Black and white wedding!  

Chocolate Chards and Fresh berries just scream- EAT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I delivered this cake to the reception- with added berries to ensure every guest got some of these sweet new season Strawberries!
Having a traditional cake was never the intention of this couple- they wanted something that you wanted to devour!
I even gave a Cherry Ripe tier a go for this couple- Fine chopped Glace Cherries inside of a dark chocolate coconut mud cake- YUM!

My anxiety levels were skyrocketed when the Groom called me at 6.30pm the night of the wedding to ask "Where is the cake????" I had delivered the cake close to 7 hours earlier and the venue "forgot" to put it in the room- in fact the Chef who accepted delivery- and assured me that the coordinator would place the cake on the table within the hour of receipt (as the room was not ready for me to personally place it) didn't even pass the message on that he had received the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To say I felt MAD is an understatement. Not only did I call the day prior to arrange mutually suitable delivery time- In my opinion the coordinator should have noticed that the cake was not there- and IF she couldn't find it at the venue- should have called me- but instead the Groom walked into his own reception and had to call me himself.
I only hope that this confusion did not mar the couples wedding night.

I feel blessed to have had such beautiful designs to create... this one small issue was a tiny bump in a terrific ride!

This weekend is the Debbie Borwn Workshops! I am lookinng forward to meeting a heap of fellow Brisbane cake enthusiasts- and of couse gaining some more brilliant knowledge form Debbie herself!

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faithy, the baker said...

i love all your creations! They are just gorgeous! Sorry you had trouble with the groom cake delivery etc.

Caroline's Cake Company said...

I love the statue of liberty topper - inspired! And all the NY details are great!

SweetThingsTO said...

What an amazing selection of cakes! Love the New York cake - so fun and fabulous!

Linda V said...

Gorgeous cakes what a super busy time you have had. Looking forward to the workshop as well.