Sunday, 24 January 2010

Cake That! Xmas Party!

November and Early December are definitely the dates for Festive Xmas Celebrations! Taking time out to relax with colleagues and let your hair down, while your boss collects the tab from a great time out really helps workers moral and show the appreciation for the year gone.

I don't have a boss- not do I have "employee's" per se- but I do have a fabulous Family that helps me out during the year, not to mention a fabulous network of fellow industry workers- most of whom also work solely from home- so this year I decided that I would throw a Xmas party!

An afternoon of fabulous food-excellent company- and not to mention so wicked cocktails and drinks created by my sister Kate!

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to make it- and those who couldn't make it this time- there is certain to be many more gatherings like this in the near future!

Amongst the Amazing Vendors that were able to attend were:
Miranda Greer (photographer), the Vivacious Anne Campbell, Kathleen from Platinum Weddings, Dominique from Invitique, Amanda from Deliberately Delicious, Adrian from Princess Luxury Classics, Karen from KVW Cakes, Gina from Cakes Actually, Karen from Bliss Floral, Glenda from Glenda Pradella Flowers, Leonie form Icing on the cake and Linda from the Party Girls!

I would recommend all of these businesses in a heart beat!

To keep in the party mood- there was a cake (of course) Designed by my sister Kate- who came up with the idea of creating a cupcake tower that resembled a Xmas tree.
It sat in the center of the Lolly Buffet- which was a massive hit with both the kids and the adults. A red Green and White theme- and yes the mini "presents" under the Xmas cupcake tree were also cakes- chocolate fruit cakes!
I was truly humbled by the gifts received- totally unexpected. Thank you!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful afternoon- I certainly enjoyed having everyone over!

Thank you to all of my fellow vendors who continue to support me and Cake That! Without your glowing referrals and friendship my job would not be half the fun it already is!

To my family- every weekend- without a second thought- you offer to help and are often delivering cakes all over SEQ for me, running to collect supplies, or just in general helping me clean up the never ending trail of sugar- Thank you for your continued support and willingness to work to help me create a better business. Thank you also for keeping me real and reminding me what is most important in life.
To my fabulous Husband Steve!! Thank you for once again helping me get through another huge year! Giving up every weekend after working a full week yourself to deliver cakes with me- putting up with my "crazy cake lady" moments and last but not least choosing great "staff" lunches each Saturday! Together we delivered over 300 cakes in 2009- what a year!

I am already looking forward to the next Cake That! Xmas party- Xmas in July perhaps???

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