Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Here Comes the Brides.......................

Spring Wedding season is now well and truly underway.
the last weekend in august is traditionally Riverfire night here in Brisbane- however this year being QLD and Brisbane's 150th Birthday year- Riverfire has been pushed back to this weekend (12th September).
I have so many wonderful cake designs to make- I am very excited to be able to share with you some of the first for the season.

The first cake is one that I do allot- but each time it is just a beautiful as the first time I did it- even though I never met the first couple I ever made this design for- I am blessed to have some stunning images from their wedding day to let me see what they looked like.
This two tier version was for a Reception held at the Up River room at River canteen Southbank.
I had my fabulous husband Steve traipse through Southbank delivering the cake- whist I waited patiently in the car ;))

The couple's florist later added fresh tulips to the cake- so I am eager to see what the finished product looked like.

I had a few cakes for the Indooroopilly area that weekend- the first was at Boulevard Gardens.

This cupcake tower is another style I recreate on many occasions, and was delighted to hear from the Bride's father in the Week following the wedding how pleased he too was with the cake. He rang to thank me and my "team" for the gorgeous job I did on the cakes. I always feel quite embarrassed when clients ring to thank me, as really it is just what I do, and as grateful as I am for the feedback and heartfelt thanks I cannot help but to blush with embarrassment. I also heard from Michaela- the bride herself in an email- about how happy she was with the cake and how they matched in beautifully with her reception ;)
As you may notice in the picture- Photo frames with images of the Bride and Groom's parents cutting their cakes were placed beside the cake too- and I noticed how similar the cakes were to each other, a great gesture too.
Just a suggestion......Future Brides at Boulevard gardens in the Walter Taylor room- there is a fabulous Guilt mirror in there- with a table in front of it- a cake would look stunning set up in front- complete with candle light- this would be super romantic.

This bright blue ribbon was a real focal point of this cake. I had been reading over the order- and all I had t go on was "Blue Ribbon"- so after a quick call to the Mother of the Bride- I found out that it wasn't powder/baby blue, and not Navy- but a bright deep blue! I really liked it- it was something different and bold!

This next cake I am calling the "Fashionista" the reason being when I went to set the cake up at Indooroopilly Golf club- the Bride and Groom had labeled their tables according to the Fashion houses (e.g. Versace- Guess- Louis Vuitton....etc...) Another bold and Funky cake for and equally set room!

The Red sugar bows over this cake really "popped" out against the white background.

I have been making a mountain of cartoon toppers lately- and this cake is without exception- not only is there a Bride and Groom topper- there is also their pet Black Retriever dog sitting beside them!!

This Luggage stack was kept mainly Ivory, and had the feature of the cartoon couple and dog- as well as an embossed luggage tag at the base. This photo really doesn't do the Brides little gown to justice- it was lace embossed, just really pretty!

This final cake was for no clients at all- It is my latest display cake- with the royal icing swirl finish and a single row of roses in between their tiers. This style is popular at the moment- and so my clients could see how this design looks- albeit a smaller version of the flowers that usual- it is rather impressive!

I am trying to catch up on my blogging, I have last weekends weddings- and highlights form my two day Lindy Smith Workshop to share with you all.... until then- Thanks for Reading

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jennine said...

Love the red bows on the cake Sarah - at first glance I thought they were satin bows - stunning job