Friday, 11 September 2009

First Weekend of Spring

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. It is all head down bum up for the next few months getting through wedding season- and at the other end is Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well with Spring comes some great flower cakes. this first one had Lilies Lissianthus and Hyacinth, a colourful bouquet for an equally elegant design.

With draped icing across the tiers, and differing shades of purples- this cake really was a great start to Spring!

What seems to be a design that is asked to be replicated over and over again- this classic striped overlay design with sugar roses on the top tier is just beautiful. This design is not my original design- I believe the image came from a UK website- with the roses adapted to suit this particular wedding.

I actually had a fellow decorator over here yesterday (Hello KVW;) ) and as we were going through images of my past cakes she mentioned how many she too had made- funny how we all get asked to make very similar cakes.

I had my husband deliver the next cake for me- it was sent out to Deagon- while I headed in the other direction.

Adapted from a cake I made a few years back- draped with icing and blush centered sugar roses- complete with a set of figurines ( with the bride on the grooms lap) this cake was everything "pretty" could be!

I always like to include as much detail as possible when making the figurines- and when Anneke sent me a picture of her "bling" hair clip- I just had to include it! I love my disco glitter- it is sooooo Sparkly!!!!

If you read my previous post you would know that I have allot of figurines to make this wedding season- I had four sets last weekend, and seeing all the heads that are drying in my cake room- with their respective names marked beside them is a little freaky heheh!
This cake was for a Friday wedding- I had done this design before, in choocolate and Ivory- but I think the black and white takes the cake!

The sweet Red headed bride and her bald groom looked adorable!

I still had more toppers to place onto cakes, and the next one I LOVED!!!! The brides gown- it had a massive halter neck that was layers of frill- I can only imagine how stunning she would have been in real life. Her groom was from Papua New Guinea, with a gorgeous brown complexion- and I find it strange that many couples ask if I can make different skin colours- Of Course I can!!

Each couple is made to order- right down to the outfits and height differences. The only "problem" I have with the brown skin is that I start to think I have made them like the people in the Cadbury add- and want to take a little bite out fo their chocolate face :))

The last little coupe for the week was actually for the Daughter of one of my first Chefs- when I was an apprentice. I hastened to ask when I met Julie whether her dad was my old chef ( the surname is what got me) and Yes he was! Julie and Nathan had a white and bright orange theme- held in the Victoria Park Marquee- with almost all white room and touches of the Orange- it looked gorgeous! Nathan is a Police officer ( as you can hopefully see) and my baby sister Alex accused me ;) of making him too buff- but he really is in real life!

Another smooth headed groom- so cute! The angle of this shot actually looks like the toppers are about the same height- but really Julie only stands as high as Nathan's Shoulders- and their toppers stood the same.

I sent another cake out to Mt Mee this weekend- with roses in the same colour as the Bridesmaids dresses. This cake was warm and romantic- and the colouring of the roses should have fit in to the reception like a glove!

I have sent so many cakes out to the Ocean View Estate at Mt Mee- but and yet to deliver on personally- maybe one day!

I had 2 weddings on Sunday- which was also Fathers day- and also the day I had a Lindy Smith Workshop. So My every trusty husband Steve had his day planned by me to set up and deliver the cakes.
One wasn't "exactly" a cake- it was a tower of fudge set to be shaped like a tiered cake. Erin and Scott chose the Fudge "tree" as their "cake" as they held an afternoon tea reception.

With a choice of Milk chocolate or Dark chocolate Fudge- this creamy rich and ever so indulgent little morsel is just divine! Luckily- for my waistline- I don't have to make many of these- the calorie count is unimaginable per slice!

Well that was the first weekend of Spring- Soooo many more cakes to go.
My next blog will be all about the Lindy Workshops- Stay tuned- thanks for reading


Ryley said...

Hi there!
I made my very first "Sarah-Jane inspired cake" This weekend!
I tried to send you an email to check it out, but it bounced back to me.....
here is the link..

Whint said...

Thankyou Sarah for my beautiful cake complete with bling :) There were many wonderful comments.... tasted divine and looked just as good!

Sarah-Jane said...

Thank You Anneke! Congratulations- I hope your wedding was just perfect!