Saturday, 18 July 2009

End of Financial Year....

Time certainly does fly when your having fun! Another Financial year over already!Before I post about some of the awesome cakes I made for the last weekend in June- I have to pas on a MASSIVE Thank you to Thaddeus of TWK studio. Now in one of my previous posts I mentioned how Thaddeus has hos couples write their own blog of their wedding day- which he shares through his studios blog along with images from their day. Now Thaddeus was Kind enough to send through this image of Leslie and Quyen's wedding cake That I made in May- as I never got to see the cake complete with the fresh flowers!

I really appreciate his Generosity in supplying me this image- thank you thank you thank you!

Now the last week in June was a busy one indeed. I had this glorious chocolate ad Strawberry cake collected in the Saturday morning to be taken up to Mt Tambourine.

Milk chocolate chards and sweet fresh berries made up this moorish cake!

I has allot of red that weekend- with this three tier cake with trailing deep red roses and red satin ribbon.

Held down at the Grange Sanctuary cove- this was to be the only white element in a warmly decorated room themed for a Celtic style wedding. The cake was positioned high in a stand that had been covered in black fabric- dramatic indeed.

I had 2 cupcake towers for the weekend- Both Birthdays!
The first I unfortunately do not have an image of- was for a repeat client for her son's 21st Birthday.
The next was a Tower of pink cupcakes- just like the ones I did for the pink Breakfast last year.

It looked awesome set up! I love how just having different colour in the icing can make such a dramatic design.

One of my favourites for the week would have to be the next cake.
So pretty- for a vintage theme, elegant and graceful. The tiers in this cake only have a 2" step- rather than my usual 3" between the tin sizes.

Pretty piping detail and delicate ice pink roses, combined with chocolate brown and baby pink ribbons wrapped around and Ivory cake- stunning!

The Last cake for the week was actually for a long time family friend.
He and his now Bride had a "surprise" wedding at their home.
Steven and Sherree came to see me about a cake around a month or so before their "engagement" party was being held- they told me their little secret. I was excited to be making their cake for them, but with their design choice it was going to be hard to keep this "secret" from my family- who are very involved with my cake business.

My Mum and Sister had been hanging out with me in the days leading up to their wedding- and in an effort to put them off the idea that their engagement party was anything more than that- I had to make out that Sherree and Steven wanted a "wow" style engagement cake, which had my family wondering what the "wedding cake" will be like if this three tier is simply for the engagement!
After we arrived in the afternoon- the cat was out of the bag and everyone knew that Steven and Sherree would be married later that afternoon!

It was great to be able to see them get married in front of family and friends!
Congratulations to you both!

Well That is That for the year ending 2008/2009!
Looking forward to the year ahead!

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