Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Smash it!

I get asked allot about cake smash cakes. I mean who doesn't love destroying cake with no regard for etiquette or decorum?  They're a load of fun for participants and viewers. 

My own personal encounters with cake smashes bring back such wonderful memories. Seeing the babes eyes light up at the texture, then there's widen as they taste that sweetness for the first time.


The enormous smiles with muddled curiosity- such an adventure, its joy is contagious. 
I recently shared a video clip on my Facebook page where a little girl enjoyed an entire chocolate cake. Delighting the onlookers by picking up the entire cake and rubbing her cute face in it. I think secretly perhaps many of us wish it was socially appropriate to consume foods we loved like this. In all honesty, after 49 days sugar free I could absolutely smash a cake like that, if I wasn't scared of my dietician hehehehehe
After seeing how many people enjoyed the video, it made me reminisce the cake smashes I'd been personally involved with. 

Although I make cakes, and have a cake room (s) in my home, my own babies aren't privy to an endless supply of the sweet deliciousness that is cake. It's not cruel parenting, more so my fear that they'll forgo the good food choices they already make in lieu of the chocolate chocolatey goodness that is my own biggest weakness. My eldest has only recently become aware of cake, yet his younger brother is all over that like ants at a picnic. That kid can sniff out cake at 100 paces. Any leftovers that may sit in a tin on our kitchen bench for my husbands lunch/visitors- is spotted with eagle eyes, and I'm left with the sounds of a toddler screeching "caaaaake!!" At me through the safety gates! Yes I was delusional to think that my own children wouldn't get "cake" until they went to school. Who was I kidding?!?!? Unfortunately #2 knows the difference between the scrumptious sugar free treats I make, and sample cake. He's been known to tell me "No!" and wave his arms madly in the direction of the previously mentioned snack cake. 
Suffice to say he still eats the goodness I have offered him, in hope of greater reward lol
There is a point to this little ditty. I'd thought I'd share some of my "mum" cake efforts. If you're wanting to let your baby experience the magic of a smash cake have a go! I surprised myself and used packet mix (the first time since I was a child), and just had fun with a bit of colour and a shed load of buttercream. 

When my first baby did his cake smash, he did it with a team of babies. It was  a fab chaotic mix of squeezable babies coated in sticky sweet icing!


Like a natural (cake is in his genes) he took to the shenanigans like a duck to water. 

Looking back I forgot how deliciously roly- poly he was x

My second babies turn was a more ordered affair. Just himself alone with a cake, and some balloons (I'd planned more, however a whole bag of helium balloons escaped my house and floated away carelessly across the suburb- natures way of telling me I'd gone too far!)

So get in there! Live vicariously through your babies! Whether you're taking pics, or engaging a pro to do it for you, remember to have fun- loads of it! 

Tips for making a cool smash cake:

1. You can never have too much (soft) icing!
Mmmmm buttercream x

2.  Don't use fondant. 
Yes it can make for pretty outside- but it's allot harder for babies to break through. 

3. Keep it simple. 
A single shape or colour can look really effective. After all in a few minutes it's going to be mush, so intricate details aren't necessary. 

4. Be prepared for the clean up :)
Wipes, warm washers, towels, fire hoses.......... You never know how sticky it's going to get ;P

My two get such a kick out of seeing themselves as babies doing this- I'm really glad we followed trend with this and did it :)

Happy smashing x
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