Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A family of Guinea Pigs

It is no secret that my family do allot for me. They are always there to help out with my business- you may have met one or two of them at an open day even. They are much better spruikers than I will ever be :)

So when the occasion calls for it (when doesn't an occasion need cake??) I am on hand to supply bucket loads of sugary goodness for the festivities!

This past weekend my baby sister celebrated her recent engagement. The party was a whirlwind event- organised in under 2 weeks. My soon to be BIL is the Head Chef at Archive, so organising a time when they were both off was proving a difficult task- but when discussing birthday celebrations (My baby sister had her birthday over the weekend) we thought that maybe a combined event could work- well, we made it work :) )

So we launched into planning mode. I already knew what cake I wanted to make for Alex and Duncan, as I was (surprisingly) inspired by a pair of tattoos that they had. I make no bones of the fact that I am not a tattoo person- but this pair was clever- and cute- and so would make a great cake.
Original Tattoo Artwork by Peacock's Palace Tattoo
After getting approval from the happy couple (AKA telling them this is my planned design) I set about organising all the bits and pieces to bring this baby together!
After a ratty scratch paper drawing and some templates- I sent my dear husband off to Bunnings to grab all the bits to engineer this piece. Then I got him to use his tools to cut it all to spec so that I could put it all together.
I had allot on last week with my "Real" cakes- so I needed to make this one out of ingredients that could handle me fiddling about across the week. Given we all see cake way too much- 3 out of the 4 "cakes" were non cake. Rocky road and Chewy Rice Krispie treat were used - and lovingly devoured by the guests too! The remaining tier was layers of extra cake mix from my "real" cake orders- which included rich chocolate and Caramel mudcake.

Time was not a commodity that I had plenty of- so I put this cake together allot different to how I would normally. I ganached and iced the tiers insitu- which was awkward- yet worked fine in the end.
It is hard to explain the scale of these cakes. They were quite large in height (and I can hear my DH saying to me- "you should have taken a picture of it with a coke can beside them for scale"- yes dear- I should have) - they we reasonable heavy- yet were a dream to transport.

I'm too crazy to let this be it for "cake" - so I did what I have had as a little project in my head for a few years now and set them up a DIY cupcake bar! 

This was a HUGE  hit with the guests.

I supplied 3 flavours of cupcakes- along with Icing ready to be piped, 2 drizzle/inject-able sauces (Salted Caramel and Rich chocolate), plus a load f toppings. Everything form colour themed lollies- through to peanut praline and silver cachous- I even ad a Black cherry compote in there to appease the Groom-to-Be's love of all things Black Forest!
Adults and kids alike went wild for this! They grabbed their little bowl cups and piled their cakes high with sugar love! Indulgent and SO much fun!
My Sister kindly posed with her creation

Did I mention I am on a No sugar diet??- yep believe that! I have to live vicariously through those I can supply the goodness to!

So although my family let me have a bit of free reign at times- they get a pretty good wicket indeed!

Ali & I are already trying to think of what next for the wedding itself! I am so excited to be able to help A & D out- Here's to fabulous mind blowing ideas and gorgeousness in wedding cake design ahead!

Don't worry I am not starving whilst on no sugar/yeast etc...... Luckily for me I can whip up a pretty mean dietary cake that can stifle cravings. 
Yesterday- after discovering I had 3Kg plus of fresh pears at home (do we need more pears?- Ok lets get more pears lol)
I made a Pear Crumble Tart with spiced date and banana pastry. Entirely cane sugar free. No added fake sugar nor Stevia- low fat and super delicious.

Served with a spoonful of Vanilla Jalna and some sliced fresh banana- this felt indulgent, wintery and was so delicious. It is (in small pieces) also approved by Peggy (super nutritionist)!

So although I could totally smash a tub of Gaytime Icecream with a Warm chocolate Fondant and rich ganache- I am satisfied with my dietary culinary efforts whilst living the sugar free dream.

Thanks so much for reading!
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