Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rocking it!

 For those of you who have followed my blog over the years may have seen that over the years I have been blessed to make one special little boys birthday cake.

Before my blog began I made Jai's very first birthday cake- and his beautiful mum Bianca had contacted me wanting Cupcakes to celebrate his first birthday.
Bianca came and collected the cupcakes from me - 4 January's ago- and set them up at her home ready for the celebration!

The very next year Bianca organised another cake for Jai's brithday with me.
This year it was all about Shrek!

I had made a 3D Shrek Face, complete with Shrek Lettering on the board- and a Wood-like board (just like Shrek's Cabin) to complete the theme.  

I vividly remember delivering the cake to Jai's house- and how excited he was to see the Shrek face- the kind of stuff that makes your day really!

I really appreciated and valued Bianca returning each year for Jai's birthday cakes.  His third Birthday- unfortunately I was away on Holidays- but Bianca was ever so kind to comission me to make Jai's 4th Birthday cake this January just gone.

I hadn't shared this cake on my January blog post as I only had poor quality images- like this one taken on my phone. 

A last minute switch to a Pirate theme- instead of the previous Toy Story theme- had me making a Pirate on an Island- complete with a Palm tree and treasure chest!
 The cake was topped with a Mini "Capt'n Jai!!" A treasure chest overflowing with Gold n Silver treasures, and a Sugar palm tree. "Capt'n Jai" driftwood and Happy Birthday bunting in the "ocean".
I LOVE how kids are so into cakes- and the little decorations- it brings back memories of when I was a kid and going to parties- and everyone wanting a mock cream piped flower off the Coles slab cake heheheh- but we loved it so much and it was always so very special!

I had delivered the Pirate cake to the Pool where Jai and his friends were celebrating his 4th Birthday.
Bianca was kind enough to send me through a lovely Thank you :

Hi Sarah-Jane

I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for the cake on Saturday. The cake was BEAUTIFUL inside and outside. I was so happy at how gorgeous the cake was and it tasted amazing - everything was fantastic. I've received many comments about how great the cake looked and tasted. It was certainly the talking point of the party. But more importantly the birthday boy loved his cake and I don't think he wanted to share it!

I have attached a photo for you. This is a photo of the kids discussing who was going to eat what off the top of the cake:) just before the candles.

Thank you so much for making another one of Jai's birthdays so very special.

Thanks again

PS. Thank you for your great service and delivering the cake to us on the day!

So once again- Happy Birthday Jai! I hope your year ahead is super sensational! 

I am sure if you all think back to your childhood you will remember fondly how very special your birthday cakes were- I even feel inspired to dig back through the photo albums to see if I can find my own from all the years past........... we'll see ;-)

Thanks for reading

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