Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fast February..............

Honestly- where did that month go?

Here are a few faves from the first couple of weeks in February:
First up was a cupcake tower- that had a single Sunflower petal on each cupcake- later the florist placed fresh sunflowers on top :)

Next up was a classic style- with a Twist- literally!

Each tier was slightly twisted from the base- quilted centre tier and sugar roses for the top!  

Last year at the Brisbane High Tea Party I ran a competition for those who bought boxes of cupcakes across the weekend.
The lucky recipient won a tower of 30 cupcakes and matching top tier.

Themes to match in with her Birthday party- she chose a pale pink and green butterfly cupcake tower.
Pretty :)

Quite often I get asked if cakes can be made smaller/less tiers etc... Of course!
Below is a great example.
This cake is a two tier version of the Pure Glamour/four tier drape design

The last one for this blog was for a Birthday/Surprise Wedding!

Keeping in the Birthday theme- Disco Glitter hearts stars and numerals sprung from the top.

It was all about chocolate for this couple!
A chocolate Congratulatory plaque finished off the cake!

Congratulations Lyn and Craig! I hope that your guests were well and truly taken by surprise!

Thanks for reading


Slinki said...


I have been stalking your blog for quite a while now, but only recently became a formal follower. I love your work and I greatly admire your skill. I am only a novice at the moment, making cakes for family and friends, but I am currently in the second term of a course though, and I just love it. I also love that you bake from scratch - in this, I share your passion, but am still looking for some good recipes :)

Best wishes!

Vivianne :)

Sarah-Jane said...

HI Vivianne!
Thank you for your kind words!

I learned through practise- so just keep on making cakes for whoever you know!
Best wishes with your cakes