Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Email Inquiries

As many of you may have realised - I have been away on annual leave for the past few weeks.
I am getting through all of the emails that have been sent since I have been away - however- I just wanted to reitterate the importance of sending through your correct email address when using the online inquiry form.

I have more than a dozen emails which I cannot return as they either don't have a return email address- or the email address supplied is incorrect ( e.g. spelled incorrectly or incomplete)

If I haven't replied to your email- this  is probably why. In general I try to return emails within 48 hours of  receipt- so If you have not received a reply in this time frame I encourage you to contact me again.
I also welcome you to contact me by phone if you have not received a reply.

Thank you to everyone for their patience whilst I retruned emails during my break.
I look forward to creating you gorgeous cakes for your future events!

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