Sunday, 18 July 2010

All the Pretty things.........

I have just returned frm Annual leave- and am getting my self into gear and getting the blog up to date!
I have some really great cakes to share with you all- so sit back relax and enjoy the next few posts to come ;))

It isn't every week that I get to make a corporate cake.
The Exedy 15 year Australian Anniversary Dinner was held in late May at Bretts Wharf.
A simple Logo cake in the company's theme colours.
I was recently in Thailand- and was amazed to see an Exedy  truck on the freeway!

I noticed the cobalt blue and electric pink logo as our cab sped along the freeway- amazing considering that I had never come across the company in my own city prior to making the cake for them.

It wasn't all corporate work that week in May- there was some other pretty cakes too!
I headed to Hillstone on the Saturday Morning to set up this version of the "cream dream" on my site. These roses were just gorgeous ( supplied by the couple) they were simply luscious!

Our next stop was Tattersalls-  where I delivered this Classy three tier cake with Fresh blood red roses.
The couple had chosen to supply a "Kissing couple" topper that sat perched on the top tier.
I LOVE the Mirrored boards at Tattersalls. They really make the cake stand out- often making it look allot larger than it may be.
It was back again to Bretts Wharf with the next wedding cake.
My All class design is one that is often inquired about. Each smooth iced tier is finished with a double flat bow around the base.
No Fuss- just a stylish cake that fits it purpose.

After the City cakes were delivered- it was off down to Tanah Merah for a Wedding held in a private home.

A frangipani themed cake- with Silk Frangipanis across the design.
A single sugar heart sat on top of each cupcake and also sprayed outthe top.
Last but not least was a Naming Day cake for a friend of the fabulous Toni Snell.
A single tier version of the "christening rose" design for Lily Grace!  

Baileys Macadamia Mud was inside this pretty and pink cake.
I also made matching cupcakes- sort of shabby chic with their varied designs- but all with elements from the main cake design.

Little bows- Hearts and roses- just adorable.

You can see more form Lily Grace's naming day on Toni's Blog.

That's a wrap for the fourth Weekend in May!

Thans for reading


Maria Miranda said...

Amazing work!

Lau* said...


I recently discover your blog. It's amazing.

Your cakes are fabulous. So beautiful, wonderful ... I like them all.

You have a natural talent. Keep up the good work.