Friday, 10 August 2007

Birthday Season!

This month is filled with family and friends birthdays!
To start the month off was my Nieces birthday- followed by my sister Alex, then tonight is a friends birthday, then my other sisters birthday is on Sunday- then at the end of the month is two more of my very good friends birthdays- on the same day! Not to mention our very good friends wedding thrown into the mix.
So after my holiday- I have been thrown back into work and socializing at full pace! Being the resident cake maker- I am always happy to provide cakes for special occasions. Unfortunately I was unable to create my nieces 1st Birthday cake- but her mum did an awesome job- perhaps so good that I won't be called upon again!

I created a "piece of cake" for my little sister Alex this year! Having seen the design been created by other decorators before- I wanted to have a go! So a layered vanilla sponge with a berry butter cream hid inside this comical design!

Tonight I am headed out with this cute little handbag design- filled with a marbled chocolate mud- it is almost too cute to eat! I often find myself making bag designs that I wish I owned in real life- but hey- that is a whole other story!!

So apart from my wonderful clients I create cakes for each week- I have a fantastic set of friends and family- who I am able to try out designs on!

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