Monday, 11 April 2011

Celebratory March

The First weekend in March was a very special one - not because I had some stunning cakes to create- but it was my Wedding anniversary too!
I sent cakes all over that weekend.
The first to leave was a Two tier cake headed up to Mt Mee. 
This cake had Sugar Grape and vine detail- with the addition of a Willow Tree 'Promise' topper once at the venue.
The weather in the week leading up to the weekend was pretty dismal- allot of rain about (once again) and getting sugar to dry was in the capable hands of my trusty Dry Air Con :)

I also sent another cake up to Glengariff that weekend.
This one was a Palette royal icing finish cake- with sugar roses and leaves covering the top and circling the base of the top tier. 

The roses were eventually finished with lightly dusted lilac centres.  

My Biased love of all things monochromatic meant that I forgot to get a good picture of the cake actually finished- whoops! But the very light dusting was pretty indeed!

Sometimes (well actually allot) I worry whether a cake design will work or not. When designing cakes I can visualise what I want them to look like- and then when it comes to the crunch of actually putting them together- often doubt likes to creep in- making me second guess my original idea.

This next cake gave me that exact pitted feeling. I had done this same design in all White before- and whilst I could visualise how striking having bold colour would be- I was dancing around like a scaredy cat when it came time to "actually" dust up the flowers LOL!
So I took a deep breath- and went for it!

And it turned out WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this so very much that I think I may even like it "more" than the all white version :-O

I think that the colour actually made the "playfulness" of the rolled roses stand out- whilst still being stylish and elegant!
Yep I L.O.V.E it!

It seems that touches of colour were definitely on the agenda that weekend.
This classy two tier cake with to tier 1/2 turned too had its roses dusted a pinky purple colour. 

I had a Chocolate Creation for an engagement that weekend too.
Strangely enough the first time I ever recreated this cake design  was in march a few years back- and once again it pops up in the same month.

This cake is a double stacked cake inside- with fresh white flowers spilling over the top.  

On the Sunday morning I headed over to the Landing to set up a pretty Rose Sparkle cupcake tower.
I also bumped into Linda from the Party Girls- who had chair sashes the EXACT same colour as the cake ribbon! What a match!

 The final cake for Sunday was for Baby Tommy's Christening.
A cute Single tier White chocolate Bailey's cake complete with a Bunny figurine and name blocks- adorable!

This was a freestyle design- which is great to be able to do- but so nerve wracking too! Suffice to say it was very well received :)

 This past month has been a beautiful blur of fantastic cakes! I cannot wait to share more with you......... but for those of you too impatient to wait- please feel free to check out my Facebook page and Twitter!

Have a fantastic Week ahead.. I once again have some uber cool cakes to create thanks to my awesome clients ordering them :)

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Slinki said...

Gorgeous as usual! I really like that christening cake :).

Please excuse my ignorance though.... what does "freestyle design" actually mean?

Sarah-Jane said...

Thank you Slinki!
Freestyle Design means that it was my choice what the cake looked like :) No set order to adhere too.

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Your cakes are absolutely stunning. Your work is so intricate and delicate. You have the most amazing talent. Will definetely keep an eye out for you in the future.