Saturday, 20 November 2010

A cool Surprise


The 4th Weekend in October bought me yet again an eclectic mix of cake designs- as well as cakes traveling all over SEQ.
It certainly was (as always) a mixed bunch this particular week. I often get asked by potential clients questions like:
"what is the craziest cake you have ever done?"
"What is your favourite cake"
or my all time favourite
"Did you make your own cake??- and would you choose the same again?"

The last question is the easiest to answer- Yes I made my own cake- and given my much further and greater experience since then- I would definitely have something much grander- however the cake I made was a very classic style (albeit pink) ;)

I have so many Favourites- being blessed with awesome clients who choose cakes that really ignite your creativity and design skills- choosing a dead set all time favourite is very hard.

And for Crazy- each to there own I say. 
Having a novelty wedding cake is something very personal- and so often I have clients who choose these designs and it is "so" them. It makes the reception that bit more special- and all of the guests can relate to why it was chosen. I admire clients who go out of the norm and choose a really unique design that reflects themselves.

This week in October I had allot of cakes that had very personal touches- and for that every week I am grateful!

The first to leave the "cake room" was a three tier with Brush embroidered mid tier cake.

Classic and elegant. This cake headed north to Scarborough, where it was later topped with fresh flowers from the couples florist. 

The next cake to go on it merry way was a three tier cake with a hand painted monogram plaque.
This cake was taken over to Stradbroke Island by the Brides Family.

I don't often get to make Birthday cakes- this Single tier cake was for a past bride. She loves pink and Pearls- so this sharply iced extended height pink cake- with strung pearls wrapped around the base- a variegated pink "30" and a white open blossom- complete with a disco pink centre! 

Clean and simple = classy with a touch of fun!
The next cake went to Brett's Wharf.
A variation of the "Heidi's Dream" cake on my website- the flower centers were made yellow to match in with the Bright yellow Black and white theme.
This room had a gorgeous set up- including stunning table centerpieces by Karen @ Bliss Floral.

I love the natural feel of this next cake. A twist on the "normal" cherry blossom effect- incorporating white flowers and some forest green leaves. 

With the Ivory iced cake- the green and chocolate brown really came together to  give a warm earthy feel.

The next design is a version of the "All Class" cake on my site.
I first made this cake a few years back and it has been super popular ever since.
Just like its name- it is just simply classy.
Smooth finished icing- and a simple double flat bow around the base of each tier.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs- there was no Sunday rest for me during wedding season.
I headed to The beautiful Topairies at Beaumont House to set up this three tier cake- complete with a cartoon family on top!

 I am a huge fan of the Navy and Ivory together.

It seems that lately there has been allot of family cake love. To be honest I swear my friend sand family are sick of my cake- we see it- smell it , and eat it ALL the time. So when my Cousin's birthday came around I thought- lets do something a bit different.

So Whilst doing my household shop in Woolies- I had a brainwave- about cool cake for my cousin! And before you go thinking I went down the "Betty Crocker" path- think again
What is more iconic in your childhood birthday memories than your actual birthday cake???????

If my sister had her way her answer would be Fairy Bread- and although I can see a cool layer "cake" with thin bread layered with 100's and 1000's- it wasn't to be.
Instead I created a giant Chocolate Crackle!
A double batch of chocolate crackle recipe- straight from the rice bubbles/copha pack- set into an 8" round tin- then turned out and iced in ganache and finished with chocolate chards and scrolls- to form the facade.
Whilst it was mega tasty- it was bloody hard to cut- I seemed to have compacted it too much in the tin that you kind of needed a circular saw to cut it- but it tasted amazing!
And BTW Chocolate crackles are gluten free- yeah!

So that was the 4th weekend in October- where is the year going??

I will have a small Xmas selection available for order soon- with Christmas cakes and Christmas themed treats for you to share with your friends and family. Details to come.

Don't forget you can see my latest cakes and what I get up to during the week on my Facebook page

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